Sunday, 23 June 2013

With the writings of the new atheists, there is no hope that religious myth is true, only despair for priests too shortsighted to see the big picture.
Abrahamic religion is only a couple of pages in the BIG BOOK OF EVOLUTION.
Once you recognize the Bible / Koran as primitive guesses it becomes funny fiction.
Science is good because it’s theories can evolve and scientists can look with amusement at the prototype ideas. Folk who worship paperidols are too afraid to do the same with theological theories.
The Bible is some of the best evidence that there is no supernatural realm because it’s claims don’t match testable reality.
I always thought that Christianity was a nightmare scenario which i clung to out of fear of being damned, so to discover that the plot is wildly improbable is a great relief to me.
When I was a teenager I was gripped with fears about the supernatural realm imagined in the Bible. I thought you had to hold to the winning set of ideas or you’d go to a hell. I had an uncle who was a minister and asked, ” How not to fear ?”. His response was, ” What you fear comes upon you “. At the time I gave that credence but years later I now would reply, ” What you fear can’t come upon you if it isn’t real and you are aware of the reasons to think it isn’t real. ” I don’t have those fears any more .
My uncle was convinced he was going to a happy ever but i was caught up in the dark side of Christianity. There is no verse in the Bible which says, ” Whoever says this magic prayer, X, is guaranteed signed into heaven .” instead what you get is, ” Not all who call me lord will be saved ” Christianity is psychological warfare with dangerous undercurrents. How can anyone be happy with the idea that most of humanity is damned ? It is arrogant & selfish to think you are going to heaven for thinking lies are true and making vile threats against everyone else.
If the supernatural realm of Abrahamic religions does not exist then that whole burden of worries disappears.
In any case any truly loving god would either take people to a happy ever after or let them become extinct. It isn’t ethical to let people suffer after death and not possible without an immortal part.
Premier christian radio show ” Unbelievable ? ” hosted by Justin Brierley has educational debates looking at most points of view. It is more interesting to be aware of the fuller debate.

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