Sunday, 2 June 2013

 Prevention is better than cure.
If there were angels, what are they playing at ? Too busy singing to prevent crime ?
See Acts 12v23 which has God able to strike down Herod Agrippa for merely failing to praise God yet God couldn’t strike down Hitler. This makes me think Acts tale is fiction.
How come angels seem no more clever than iron age peasants, otherwise they would have pointed out to whoever wrote the old religious texts that life on earth evolved and that it would be unethical to let people suffer after death.
They might also have advised that if God could create the whole animal kingdom in 144 hours then it would have been kinder to let Adam & Eve die and restart the human race with no one else doomed – or wipe everyone out in a global flood and make another animal kingdom. Maybe one with all animals vegetarian, only having two offspring and living for 70 healthy years before dying abruptly in their sleep.
How could a god turn a blind eye to all the predation that goes on in the rest of the animal kingdom but when it comes to humans it becomes a crime deserving infinite punishment ?
Maybe due more to psychological warfare by priests than ideas from a tyrant god ?

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