Friday, 21 June 2013

Parody on a primitive old chorus
" The wise man built his house upon the rock " youtube/watch?v=dkNOcr5iHP4

The wise thing to do is look at fossils in the rocks
The clever thing to do is study fossils in the rocks
And watch as religious myth tumbles down

Cause life is older than 6000 years old
Cause life is more like 3.5 billion years old
Cause life evolved by natural selection as Darwin told
So there are errors in the bible mould

In fact I think the bible authors had very little clue
Their guesses are held together by a paranoid sort of glue
If you only read their ideas you could end up in a stew
Don't let the ministers feed off of you

I think Jesus maybe never lived at all
And some folk along the way have told stories tall
No Exodus or Nazareth or revelation
Mostly primitive theillogical ammunition

But I guess there might be a few good ideas in there
Like how it is ok to drink wine & beer
And I guess you'd also find the golden rule in there
But hell is myth. To be quite clear.

So do yourself a favour and read, " Why evolution is true "
See, " Rise of the continents " on BBC2
History of physics, astronomy, geology will help
See the magic of reality.

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