Saturday, 15 June 2013

In the realm of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, COSHH, the warning symbol of an irritant or harmful substance has been  X  though really more of a + with each of the lines at 45 degrees.
The warning symbol for a toxic substance is a skull and cross bones.
So maybe the new Globally Harmonized System of hazard pictograms should be employed by requiring
that a  pictogram of a crucifix at 45 degrees with a skeletal jesus be placed on the cover of bibles etc ?

There could also be a warning message, " Toxic ! Caution contains high percentage of fiction "
" Proof not determined ",
" In the event of ingestion, swallowing:  irrigate with detailed evidence of Theory of evolution by natural selection and other bits of reality. Consult Dr Jerry Coyne "

By the way the new Health Hazard symbol looks like someone who has just swallowed a star of David.

It is possible to compare bible with it's summary,  alsoran, on
Anyone with a reasonable memory who had heard the bible stories could have written the quran, but I guess being illiterate would help.

This world looks like God isn't working. This is possibly because God is under the delusion that he is
a primate unable to do anything to help the situation on Earth. If only he could snap out of the delusion that there is no God and believe in himself then he would realize that he has supernatural powers he could use to
control the fertility of each human on earth to limit birth rate to average 2 children per woman and he could even switch off adults who are suffering senility or severe pain at an appropriate moment. Hell he might even rise to the challenge of preventing murder, abuse, disease and illness.

The O.T. often imagines God using foreign armies to teach the Jewish folk a lesson or achieve some mysterious end but taking HIV as a case study. Think of the millions who died in WWII.  If God was using WWII for some end then how come he failed to use it to wipe out the first few people which HIV
occurred in ?

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