Saturday, 1 June 2013

           Religious myth can be seen as a chapter in the big book of evolution of culture
The evolution of the Bible:  The conglomeration of primitive guesses which form the  bible are  at war with each other.  They are a symbiosis of ideas so much in conflict with each other that is something of a miracle that they can coexist.  Shall we compare them to the flagella motor or use the analogy of  Cymbomonas digesting a cyanobacteria which later became a cloroplast ? Unfortunately their effect is more of the Vibrio cholerae variety , symptoms of delirium are often evident.

                After modern humans had been around for 200,000 years they developed writing and the Jewish scribes recorded a couple of their best guesses as to how life originated. [ Unbeknownst to them some Greeks had better guesses.]  Probably Jewish folk weren't too uptight about their guesses but then at the council of Nicaea a Christian priest had a crafty idea of putting the book of Revelation with it's curse against changing it's text [ Rev 22v19 ] at the end of the Bible. Writing mutations on religious text was maybe as common then as ID currently is to evolution. The organelles of heaven and hades ,acquired from Greek mythology, were added to this mix to act as  magnetic poles to send the thinking into a spinning vortex where anything possible can appear real.  A comparison can be made to the effect of standing on a cliff edge with binoculars blinding out wider reference points and staring at small field of view eg a loon on the lake, dizziness is experienced. Possible result : falling in and drowning

     Fortunately the anti-biotic effect of WEIT and other works containing a high % of reality can cure the patient from their malady. At any rate. removal of two short planks from eye is sure to improve focus allowing patient to notice that Genesis forgets to make god create volcanoes or mountains, though some sinking sand is mentioned in Gen 1v6-9, possible allusions to volcano in Gen 19v24. Yet Gen 7v19 mentions high mountains so that bible literalists  can't claim the mountains formed during or after the Gilgamesh / Noah flood myth imagined to have occurred 2300 BCE.

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