Sunday, 2 June 2013

 I agree with Richard Dawkins' idea that many people have been let down by the education system.
    Maybe it is similar to computers- rubbish data in, rubbish information out.
   I was told at Sunday school that Moses got the first commandments the world had seen. I used to think that there was no way to check up whether it was true or not, because no other writings went back that far .  I never heard anyone challenging that idea. Why did I not check it in an encyclopedia ? I trusted authority figures around me who seemed to respect religion. It is puzzling when professional people seem to assert or accept that stories in the Bible are historically accurate.  I think I could have easily found the information in libraries and book shops if I had boldly searched.
    Why did my school not teach about the ancient Greek philosophers, not even giving a recommended reading list for further study? Why did they not cover the history of law codes ?

There are lots of other interesting things on tv etc to divert attention from finding out about religion.

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