Sunday, 23 June 2013

Dear Jesus,
Forgive me that I think you probably never existed and that the Bible stories are mostly fictional like Shakespeare plays. Forgive me that I think there probably is no supernatural realm or God, that most of the Bible ideas are primitive mumbo jumbo and potentially detrimental to mental health. Forgive me that I think biblegod is the one most worthy of a hell for sins of omission because only a cosmic god could have controlled human fertility to prevent the world population rising above a sustainable 2 billion, and have prevented illness, disease etc Forgive me that I think the idea of letting people suffer after death is unethical. Also I forgive you for thinking that I need to be forgiven for thinking what is decent and true. Ramen
Well maybe that about covers it, or have i missed a few things ?
At any rate maybe forgiveness is a red herring ? Maybe it is more about focus and talking about things in caring way, specific to action or idea, proportionate, not exaggerating, not generalizing ( except for comic effect ).
Why shouldn’t someone say, ” I will always be angry about that thing you did, when I think about it, but i plan to focus on my favourite things so that the things that pained me are forgotten. “

Dear Jesus,
Please forgive God for creating so much coal, oil and gas that run away global warming was likely when most of it was burned by humans trying to make their life tolerable in the short term. Please forgive God for not creating enough uranium ore to keep civilization going for millions of years instead of running out somewhere around 2075. Please forgive God for not telling humans about the risks of getting on the fossil fuel runaway minetrain and for not telling us how to make renewable technology 2000 years ago. Mind you wasn’t that something you could have done ? So maybe you sinned ? In which case are you fucked ? I suppose that could explain why you never returned ? Are you in hell ? Worrying, but probably not since it was just a Greek myth. By the way how come you didn’t tell us the origin of your ideas ? Hey don’t worry Jesus, I’ll forgive you for not telling us the truth about the history of religion. It’s not your fault that you were scarcely literate and maybe didn’t have access to the information about where your ideas came from. But please forgive the ministers who did know and didn’t tell their congregations because they were afraid of getting the sack from zealots in the midst. Well lets face it anyone could have gone to the library to study all the points of view. But please forgive the editors who censored so many books, t.v programmes, films radio shows from all skeptical freethought content.
But also pass on my thanks to your father for putting enough fossil fuel to allow us to explore the planet and solar system to discover that the bible & alsoran & book of mormon etc are a mixture of mostly primitive guesses, wildly mistaken ideas, propoganda, theological psychological warfare, warped, twisted, misleading etc.
Thank be that cosmic god is a failed hypothesis and may our communal management system be based on science & reason

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