Sunday, 29 September 2013

Jesus RIP

I'm thinking of wearing a necklace ( chain ) with a coffin pendant, on the lid it will say, " Jesus is dead, RIP "
People can take the RIP as meaning Religious Invented Propaganda or alternatively
Risen Into Paradise or Rotting in purgatory 
or perhaps Really Insidious Paradigm 
Where Paradigm means Para dig m - you can't really dig him up cause he never really existed except in fiction ?

" Give us this day our daily bread / helpful thoughts "
Maybe this is a proto idea on the lines of, " I hope I'll be able to think of the thoughts & things to say which will give me success in relationships / business "
How many marriages could have been happier and longer lasting if only the winning words were said ? Like Cher sang, " I would take back those words which have hurt you and you'd stay "
I think Richard Dawkins & John Loftus & co. speak a much more healthy " daily bread " than the Bible's ergot ridden offerings. 1 Thess 5v21 suggests- " test everything, hold on to what is good. " So WIBA & Outsider test of faith does this and finds that the bible stories are probably mostly fiction and the thinking behind the stories is often warped. James 1v23 is sort of like advising against looking in the mirror but not doing anything to fix their appearance. -- So the sensible response to many of the Bible stories is that they need amended. This is what the authors of the Bible needed to do - ( psalm 139v 23-24 ) search and try their ideas and conclude that they were seriously flawed, edit, revise. Or maybe it's that the majority of authors who contributed nonsense to the Bible should have paid more attention to the few that wrote some semblance of sense. It would have been funny if at least one of the psalms have been like, " You know what, I wonder if there is a cosmic God anyhow, cause it just seems like this world carries on sort of random. Maybe life on Earth happened purely by material causes ? Who made God if there is one, maybe I should read those books by Socrates & Epicurus "
Why didn't they make Jesus say, " There are no answers in this book "
In The Simpsons Movie Homer spoke " Daily Bread "; ' This book doesn't have any answers ' : Grampa simpson has a revealing moment in church

So you're in church praying, " Deliver us from evil "
Then you leave the church and walk down the street, you pass a bookstore and there in the window is a copy of, " The End of Christianity ". You feel mysteriously drawn to go in and read the book. After a couple of chapters you see the light and declare " Hallelujah, there is no god, I'm saved from religious oligarchy "
Fairly obvious that the origin of " lead us not into temptation " is cause an extremely attractive woman has just sat down in the pew in front of you.
Or on the other hand it could be the feeling you get when listening to a sermon and you are extremely tempted to ask the minister to sit down & play the Americas cup on the screen instead.
Quite odd that the Bible doesn't have Jesus being asked about other famous writings or about who exactly wrote stuff in the O.T.

Parody on " Jesus hands were kind hands "

PipeOrganHymnsG0OJF channel on Youtube
Jesus hands were kind hands to the chosen few
But sadly the majority were left in the pot to stew
But it's probably mostly fiction
Sort of like a fairy tale
But one on which the lid seems strangely hard to nail
Was Jesus any better
than Hitler, I can not tell
Would save a few to heaven
let the rest deep fry in hell
this does not seem friendly if you think yourself offside
Robert Price compares it to a case of Jekyll and Hyde
But as you slam the flaming creaking door on him
Make sure you don't end up living like a hypocritical twin
Try to think specific to the point in hand
If you exaggerate too much your castle will turn to sand
[ See " The reason driven life " by Robert M. Price ]

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Yes Prime Minister goes on " Who wants to be a millionaire "

Yes Prime Minister goes on " Who wants to be a millionaire " :

 Chris Tyrant, " And so to the 12th hour final question ". Answer this correctly and you'll go away  tonight  keeping the lights on in United Kingdom, keep U.K economy solvent, attracting industry & creating employment. So what power generation mix will you opt for U.K.
 A. Stick with tried & proven, reliable low cost technology like coal & gas.
 B Go for highest cost, lowest reliability , guaranteed intermittent wind & solar
C. Increase  Nuclear power to 40% + gas & coal  
D. Go back to subsistence farming "
 PM Fishy Electrics, " Hmmm really tricky one there, it seems so easy at home but under the spotlight, pressure on, don't want to blow a fuse. Can I use a life line ?"
 Chris Tyrant, " You still have phone a friend "
 PM Fishy Lextricks, " I'd like to phone a F.O.E , spanner in your spokes, person "
 brrring brrring brrring brrring me some more ' donation ' money
" Hello Slippery InSidious speaking ",
 PM Fishy alextricks, " Hello it's Scelectricks speaking, I'm on the Chris Tryant, " Who wants to remain a millionaire country " show. I want to ask your help with this question. What power generation mix should UK choose,
   A. Stick with tried & proven, reliable low cost technology like coal & gas power stations.
   B. Go for highest cost, lowest reliability , guaranteed intermittent wind & solar
 C. Increase  Nuclear power to 40% + gas & coal  
 D. Go back to subsistence farming "
 Slippery InSidious , " Tricky , difficult question but don't go for any that put out nasty smokey fumes from chimneys, cause my mates say that is really hazardous, toxic or irritant , they all think we should try alternatives but i never got round to asking them why "
Chris Tyrant, " Well I'm sorry I must hurry you. Now no pressure, just remember that U.K has had a dependable electricity supply for the last 50 years but according to  Al Ignore we now face a clear and present danger from catastrophic run away AGW- the most pressing threat to life on earth ever known, even greater than the asteroid 65 million years ago that wiped out the dinosaurs or any of the volcanoes, plate tectonics or ice ages or warmer periods that life on Earth has survived these past 3.5 billion years.
 PM Scalextricks, " Hmmm tricky, don't know how to decide.   FOE tells me to avoid smokey things  so better not go for AC since you always see the billowing smoke coming out of the cooling towers at nuclear, gas & coal power stations [ Even though Ian Fells tells me that is just water vapor but I don't believe him cause he is not ratified by IPCC ]  Now, my wife works for a wind turbine company and  it might  get me out of the dog house with her if I gave her some more business, could bring some more dosh into the house too, always handy for paying the ever rising cost of electricity & gas. Should i choose national interests over self interest for a change? Oh B, final answer; wind & solar "
Chris Tyrant, " Final answer ?"
Scalextricks , " Final answer "
Chris Tyrant," You had 50 years of dependable, cheap electricity, I wanted to give you this cheque for 50 years more but I'm sorry the best answers were AC, you've lost it all, black outs for you "

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Poem " Don't trust the greens ".

Michael Rosen spoke about poetry on Radio 2 Ryan Turbridy show 31 August 2013 ( 11am) 

He read out his poem about the rickety bridge: " Don't trust rust "

So here is my poem it inspired : 

Don't trust the greens, 

they'd sell your cow for three beans

And when the beanstalk fails to reach the sky

they'll just spin another alibi

when they fail to produce the goods from the energy in the sky

they might not even manage to work out why

but in fact black is good

coal is just another form of wood

coal miners help recycle carbon

the daily bread for which plants say amen

Yes, CO2 is good for you , if you happen to be a plant

All this talk of remissions for emissions is a load of Kant

Mining & drilling could keep us in the black

but SNP will have us seeing red 

when the wind goes slack

Climate has always been changing & it always will

I doubt that Cameron will stop it with yet another windmill

Oh Yes carbon dioxide is good for you, if you eat plants

We need to courter act the eco pessimistic rants

{ However I think it is helpful to look at all the pros and cons and to take the best out of each world

view. It is important to care  for the world but that require a sense of perspective, balance, context &

 looking at all the details rather than making generalized assumptions }