Saturday, 1 June 2013

I think that it would be unethical to let people suffer after death and that we probably have no immortal part anyway so it would not be possible to experience anything after death. I also think that there probably is no cosmic hell and that the idea evolved.

However if people are going to insist that we must think the world started with a seven  24 hour days creation week 6000 years ago otherwise we will go to hell then i say:

I think it is more likely that people will go to hell for thinking that the world started 6000 years ago after being created instantly by magic. Most of the evidence is against it. It doesn't make sense to  think the little steps are impossible but the massive step of instant creation is possible.

If people who deny the truths are in danger of ending up in a hell then the authors of the Genesis creation myths will be the first ones into that hell because the evidence points to an Earth & universe billions of years old which formed as a result of a very gradual process, this means that the authors of Genesis were denying the truth. However they have the excuse of ignorance but what excuse do present day truth deniers have ?

If Jesus said, " I am the way the truth and the life " then you should confess the truth or you will go to hell. Evolution is true therefore you should accept it as true. Maybe people have misinterpreted Genesis, maybe they only meant to say that the world came about in gradual steps but they could only
give a rough category heading to the mega steps. Genesis 2v7 has the mega step of dust to human. However it isn't rocket science to say that since plants grow out of the earth

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