Saturday, 15 June 2013

This world looks like God isn’t working. This is possibly because God is under the delusion that there is no God, he thinks he is a primate unable to do anything to help the situation on Earth. If only he could snap out of it & believe in himself, then he would realize that he has supernatural powers he could use to save the planet from global warming and ocean acidification. Maybe that would include controlling the fertility of each human on earth to limit birth rate to average 2 children per woman and he could even switch off adults who are suffering senility or severe pain at an appropriate moment. He might even rise to the challenge of preventing murder, abuse, disease and illness.

The O.T. authors sometimes imagined that God was using foreign armies to teach the jewish folk a lesson or some other mysterious end.. What good did God use WWII for ? Out of all the millions who died he didn't manage to snuff out the first people in Congo who were carrying HIV.

Maybe there is a Primordial Ooze God, POG, whose main aim is to return humans to apemen ? POG is the consciousness of the natural world. POG realized that human progress would lead to self destruction. It wanted to prevent hominids gaining the extra intelligence [ Gen 2v17 ], realizing the destruction that exponential population explosion could do, POG tried to limit this by cursing the ground with weeds [ Gen 3v17 ], POG tried to frustrate his development [ Babel, Gen 11 ] , POG caused people to be deranged and appointed them as priests to mislead people, it gave mumbo jumbo scriptures to fuel wars, it keeps causing mutations to pest & diseases so that they can build resistance to medicine & agro chemicals. POG is the personification of organic life trying to fight back against humans for the survival of the rest life on Earth.

 BiblePOG could have said, "  Thou shalt not burn coal / oil.  Grow coppice woodland for fuel. If you travel use horse power, sail across the oceans with wind, accept your fate "

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