Monday, 3 June 2013

An evolutionary perspective maybe sheds light on biblegod. Imagine you had spent 13 thousand million years overseeing the evolution of a universe, 3.5 billion years of life on earth, only to see it go all pear shaped the day after you place a divine spark in a hominid species. No wonder biblegod is pictured sparking lightning from his head, cursing & thundering ," damn " at everyone. I've been a bit like that myself over much less significant events.

What would you be like if you had spent 13 billion years on what started out as your favourite computer game, finally get to the ultimate screen when your wife shouts you for dinner, distracting you, and it's back to square one ? Fuming mad ?

Maybe creationists are like Sisyphus in Tartarus. They haven't studied the detail of the theory of evolution so they see it as a very steep slope which they think a boulder could not roll up, so don't even try. Yet somehow they think the boulder could roll up a cliff ?  This leaves them stuck at the bottom with their boulder, waiting for a lift from a god who never shows up. I suspect if they studied the details they would see a more gradual slope and manage to roll the boulder to the top, breaking free of Tartarus and escaping into the light of reality.

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