Saturday, 1 June 2013

On the evolution of religious texts by mutations of their code and the natural selection of them according to their ability to lure and frighten Homo Sapiens.

Parody on John 1v1 : In the beginning was the precursor to RNA code. Through evolution all things were made; without evolution nothing was formed that has been formed. Evolution produced
human intelligence. The theory of evolution is a cornerstone idea for humans that gives great solution finding powers. It shows that although the problem might look like an unscalable cliff it might be broken down into micro steps under careful examination.
  The evidence for evolution was always around us but many did not recognise it having been blinkered & lured into exile by the parasitic priests. These priests inhabit shells like hermit crabs which mimic reality. The texture of their shell has enough points corresponding with reality to  fool the unwary prey. They are lured by nectar bribes of promises of a happy ever after with their loved ones, which appeals to their lust, and their investigation of their doubts is paralyzed by spine chilling threats, which act on their fear.

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