Sunday, 26 April 2015

James 5v16 Vs Roman 3v10

How is it that there are millions of 'holy' folk on the planet claiming a direct line to their personal God yet none of them has ever been able to give a 24 hour warning about an earthquake about to occur so that people can stand clear of the buildings ?
But now lets pray for the victims?
Like the Epicurean paradox sort of says, if there is a god then he is guilty of not doing the good he should ( if all knowing and all powerful ) However there are some decent excuses such as that he is so far away that he can't see Earth due to the brightness of our Sun. It is only in the last few years that astronomers have developed the technology to be able to make out the existence of exo-planets orbiting distant stars.
Recently David Cameron was at the Holy Ghost Festival of Life in London headed by pastor Daddy GO ( General Overseer / Witch doctor ) who was asking people to pray that there would be no earthquakes and natural disasters.
"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful & effective"-NIV James 5v16
Lack of success could be explained by
Romans 3v10 "There is no one righteous, not even one"
See point 5 from the International section, oops.
festivaloflife etc/event/2015-prophecy
Prophecy for the Year 2015 by Pastor E.A Adeboye
For those who fasted for 100 days last year;
1. The Lord says the harvest for the 100 days fast will be given this year.
2. Daddy says this year will be full of testimonies; those who have none before will have this year.
3. Daddy says some of you will swim in the river of abundance this year.
4. Daddy says there will be miraculous completion of projects.
5. Daddy says there will be fulfilment of dreams.
6. Daddy says there will be miraculous restoration.
7. Daddy says the song of many will be - The Lord has been good to me.
1. Scientific and medical breakthrough will be many, particularly in the areas of lack of sleep, dreams and brain disorder.
2. Daddy says Ebola will die out.
3. Daddy says all over the world insurgency will be considerately weakened.
4. He asked us to pray against massive calamities.
5. He asked us to pray against massive earthquakes, strong hurricanes and typhoons.
1. This year all you need is to charge off your batteries by fasting for 40 days only.
2. Those of you who want to fast continuously 20 days and 20 nights will cover the 40 days.
3. If you miss one day, you have to cover it with two days.
By the end of the year - you will say all is well that ends well.
The fasting begins January 2nd 2015.


The Chronicles of Narnia are interesting stories. One interpretation of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" is that the white witch represents superstition & fantasy whereas Aslan represents a naturalistic view of the world or maybe even the scientific method. Some people while attempting to assert a supernatural story onto the world have tried to suppress the scientific method. They may at times celebrate as if they have won something. However looking at the deeper writings - in the genetic code, the fossils, the geology, astronomy and even the widest picture of what is known of human history, the evidence shows that the supernatural view was not real. ( Like Aslan we can have been lured into the Christian fantasy under tales about it being for the greater good or a necessity or under fears of hell, we may have been damaged and left without hope, left for dead but Aslan says to use the scientific method to study more deeply and widely, to see the secret writings which reveal that evolution is true, that there was no Adam & Eve etc So we realize that there is no hell, we have fresh hope and freedom from the nightmares of religion )
The gospels only claim that Jesus restored the sight of blind people to average naked eye vision, nowhere is there a claim that Jesus gave bionic vision to people, no where does Jesus say that if people could magnify the images then they would find the way to improve the quality of life for humans. Lenses have been one of the most major break throughs towards greater understanding of the world about us, both as used in microscopes and telescopes. Close & detailed observation has been the way to new truths.
Exodus 7v8 has the Lord turn a staff into a snake but if rocks (sand) had been turned onto lenses to make a telescope & microscope then a far greater miracle would have been demonstrated.
The scriptures are the story of people who were walking in darkness and didn't have a clue as to how to get to the light. The story is of people trying to improve their lives by casting spells and following arbitrary rituals which had little root in reason or reality.
Science showed us that many of our fears were misplaced, it revealed what the real challenges are. Science shows that some of our worst fears were unfounded but also that some of our greatest hopes are also unlikely. It has given us immensely greater understanding of our universe but also that there are vast mysteries that might never be answered.
The Bible is a book that contains the golden rule and ideas like Romans 13v10, "Love does no harm to its neighbour" and yet the authors and characters often fail to live by these ideals or to use them as a plumb line by which to test handed down doctrines, even though 1 Thessalonians 5v21 says to test everything. Hold onto the truth. John 16v13 talks of the need to be guided into all truth.

In Exodus chapter 11 & 12 are we to guess that the unnamed Pharaoh was not a firstborn and for that reason wasn't too worried by the threat of the first born dying ? Was it only first born males or females too ? Exodus 12v30 has all of Pharaoh's officials getting up so are we to assume none of them were first born or did it mean all the remaining ones that hadn't been smitten ? What about the claim in v 30 that there was not a house without someone dead, is it likely that every house would have had a firstborn person ? Did everyone live in longhouses with extended families, no houses with only a young childless couple or single old person who weren't first born ? Could the Egyptians of that time have determined when midnight was, what sort of clocks did they have pre 1000 BCE ? Why doesn't Exodus mention water clocks or star & merkhets as the means to determine midnight ?
The real question is that if a God could wipe out first born people then why not just go the whole way and wipe out all the Egyptians thus leaving Egypt for the Israelites ? Why not do it more humanely by just causing the Egyptians to be infertile over the previous 430 years ? If God could be so targeted in taking out the first born then why couldn't God have done a precision strike on Hitler & other cruel dictators ?
Ted Wright mentioned the partially fictional story of the "Raiders of the lost ark" which mentions the story of 2 Chronicles chapter 12 where Shishak swept up from Egypt with his army, I guess over the course of a few weeks, and v4 captured the fortified cities of Judah then raided Jerusalem v9 of 'everything' in the Temple of the Lord & palace of Solomon. So Shishak was able to do what Moses & co took over 40 years to do ? Also how come we have a name for the Eygptian king whereas in Exodus the Pharaoh is anonymous ? Do any of the Bible characters claim to have seen the Ark of the Covenant again after the 2 Chronicles events or could the Ark really have been stolen by Shishak and no one noticed ? The Bible certainly does not record when the Ark disappeared, it just forgets all about it.
How could it be possible for people to raid the Temple of the Lord when it clearly shows in "Raiders of the lost ark" that the presence of God was able to look after itself ; smiting all those Nazi soldiers ? Even 2 Samuel 6:1- 7 has Uzzah struck down for touching the Ark of the covenant even though he was well intentioned, trying to protect it.