Saturday, 15 June 2013

I think Jesus got his wires crossed.
Or maybe it was just bible authors who got their thinking crossed, or were they cross-eyed ?
Yes it is important to hold to the truth / reality therefore admit that the Bible plot is mostly fiction. Yes it is important to live ethically therefore admit the idea of hell is unethical.
Yes kindness is desirable therefore admit that much of Bible is cruel. Yes loving is nice therefore admit that many ideas in the bible are not love - more like hate.

Interesting Radio 4, " In our time " with Melvyn Bragg 13th June, " Prophecy ". 25 minutes in Bragg questions if there is a conscious fabrication of the Jesus character based on stories from the Old Testament. Justin Meggitt of Cambridge uni. starts by replying " No ", but later admits some scholars have thought it was a possibility that Jesus stories written to fit O.T narrative.
Mona says Mohammad's miracle was the koran. 
Some think anyone could have written that summary of the bible.

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