Saturday, 15 June 2013

In the POG bible the greatest sin is burning fossil fuel.
Noah warns people that they must not burn coal or POG will have to flood the world to bury the fossil fuel so deep that it can't be burned.

Jonah goes to Nineveh to tell them to stop using coal and switch to biofuel and unless they do this then sea levels will rise and they will be flooded again. Fortunately the people repent and cover themselves with the ashes from the fireplace.. { is sack cloth & ashes the bible's subconscious realization that burning coal is a mistake ? }

Exodus 3, And Moses saw a bright light coming from a cave . He went in to investigate and saw what looked like a tungsten filament burning brilliantly bright yet not burning up.  POG, " Moses this is an electric light powered by wind and solar power, bring a couple of slates and I will laser etch a design on them for you ". And when POG was finished he also gave Moses these commandments
Deuteronomy 5 " Thou shalt not burn coal / oil. Built wind & solar power , thou shalt not build internal combustion engines. If you travel use horse power, sail across the oceans with wind, accept your fate "
 When Moses came down from the mountain top he saw that the Israelites were burning coals to Molech [ Lev 18v21, 2Chr 28v3 ]. He threw water on their fire, ground up the coal, put it in water and made them drink it.
POG Numbers 14v32 While the Israelites were in the Siberian desert, at -30 C, a man was found burning coal to keep warm, so eco warrior Moses commanded he be stoned to death.
Numbers 15v3&7 " Offer steak offerings on woodsmoke as a sweet aroma to POG "

1 King 18 And  Elijah found the prophets of Baal [ who denied the prophecy of global warming ]
about to light their coal fires. So Elijah challenged them to a test. He set up his woodburning stove next to their coal fire and poured water on each fuel.  " Now we will see which fuel is approved, call out to your god to light the fire " They prayed and wept but nothing happened. Then Elijah called out, " POG show which fuel you approve of."  Then his wood burning stove sparked alight and gave off a great heat.

John 8v3, The Pharisees brought a woman caught burning coal in her fireplace before Jesus, " Teacher the law of Moses  we must not burn coal and he set a precedent of death penalty for this crime, what do you say ". Then Jesus bent down and wrote in the ash around his wood burning stove. " If anyone of you does not lease methane into the atmosphere, let him throw the first stone ". And they all went away, those who ate baked bean first. And Jesus said, " Then neither do I condemn you, go but install a biomass system, I can sell you one for $1 million. "
But Satan replied " No don't believe it, you can have it all, syngas is the way forward, by syntrolysis using a ruthenium catalyst you can have fun now and a fun future, but let the old skeletons in the underworld lie in piece "
(see YT, IdahoNationalLab, synthetic fuel )

Jesus: unless you turn from using fossil fuels  hell fires then your world will meet a Hadean end with [ Rev 20v10 ] sulphuric acidic oceans devoid of life and since 50% of atmospheric oxygen comes from the phyto plankton the oxygen will be reduced to levels that cannot support mammals.

Rev 1v14 I saw someone like the son of man, and his eyes were blazing biomass fire

But the chosen ones who have a clean / non reeking lum will leave to build a new Jerusalem on Mars. [ This would only work if Mars was a habitable Earth like planet, unfortunately we get there only to find it is about as much use as the Sahara desert, so much for ID ]

Major snag is again, why wouldn't a real god just switch people off directly ? Why wouldn't he just let the human race die off with Adam & Eve? Why bother saving even Noah & family ? A god who wanted long term survival of species biodiversity wouldn't have let homo sapiens come into existence. Why not just explain how to live sustainably & reveal the technology to do it. How about a religious person giving a design to remove carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere ?
How would it be possible to raise atmospheric CO2 levels by burning coal formed from plants which were all growing 6000 years ago ? Why does anyone think that the Bible is anything more than primitive guesses ?

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