Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Imagine that NASA noticed a 10 km wide asteroid heading straight for Earth but didn’t have the technology to deflect it quite ready. In this scenario could religious thinking over the past 2000 years be blamed for hindering scientific progress so much that we weren’t in time to save humanity from a Hadean end ?
A smaller asteroid could leave a few survivors trying to pick a living from a ruined planet, wishing that we had all been ready & lamenting that humans hadn’t recognized the scriptures to be primitive guesses.
No doubt before the asteroid hit you would have religious groups saying, ” We told the end was nigh, ” eventually, but they would be unable to magically design or make technology to save us. They would be busy working themselves into a frenzy, offering up a sacrifice of prayer.- useless
On the other hand if humans were still stuck at the 1000 BCE stage of primitive religious thinking, accepting their lot as unalterable fate or waiting for the gods to magically improve quality of life then Homo Sapiens might have had a more long term future. If no industrial revolution had happened & we had the standard of life of 2000 years ago, life expectancy 40 yrs old and population of 1 billion, humanity might have continued for another billion years ? ( barring unlucky asteroid impacts )
Can the human race agree to a management system that uses science & technology to preserve biodiversity and raise quality of life into the distant future ?

In the beginning God watched as the process of evolution formed life on Earth, then on the seven hundred thousand millionth day [ he lost count, it's understandable ] he said, ” Well it’s going to take an almighty effort to cube this sphere to make it good.
I was looking forward to a low maintenance garden where I could chill out in my old age and just enjoy the peace and harmony but instead I can see I am going to have to micro manage all the fucking or at least the fertility of all the humans so that birth rate – death rate imbalance doesn’t lead to a population explosion, degradation of habitat and war. Besides that I’ll have to control the fertility of all the insects which would parasitize humans, pity I didn’t think to tinker with human blood to make it noxious & repellent to all harmful insects. Some more tinkering might have made humans immune to harmful bacteria and viruses too.
Wish I’d tinkered with the spiders to make them more effective at catching mosquitoes & houseflys.
Then the more God thought about the situation the more snags he found on Earth and because he wasn’t too good at positive thinking he got so wound up that his core temperature ignited carbon fusion, causing a run away nuclear fusion and he exploded into a supernova.
And that is why we haven’t seen God around to this very day. RIP

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