Friday, 21 June 2013

Parody on  " Wide wide as the ocean " , see

Wide wide as the atlantic
2000 miles wider than it used to be
130 million years ago
It wasn't there to see

I though now a human
Back then my ancestors were lemuriform
Paleontology teaches me
Things that can set me free
From religious fantasy


 Parody on " If I was a butterfly /  If I was a fish in the sea "

My ancestors were like fish in the sea
They wiggled about and giggled with glee
But natural selection drew some onto land
Their fossilized limbs are fossilized in sand

More recently my nth grandfather was an ape
but this was before video tape
So I'm just glad I can watch HD

We I've got a brain, and I've got a smile
So I don't put up with religious vile
And give thanks I'm free from the god of  VD (Very Deluded )

" My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord "

My eyes have seen the folly of believing in a god
less likely a reality than a priestly fraud
if you don't want to be fooled
you need to be well schooled
by comparing all the information

glorification of studpidity, glorification of stupidity, glorification of stupidity
That is religious creed.


Don't let mohammed make a monkey out of you
or he'll make you an exhibit in his primate zoo
he'll blind fooled you by putting a bag over your head
and spin you around so much your brain will act like dead

but if you read all sides you can avoid being caught out
You needn't join the gang with the illiterate clout
Study science and reason to find the civilized way
Don't get cut short in war, instead have fun whay hay

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