Wednesday, 22 May 2013

To boldly investigate avenues of thought that the church attempts to keep sealed off
To boldly think through all areas of the debates about religion
To boldly go into lines of reasoning where christians fear to tread.
Firstly there is the question of whether the person is aware of all the main arguments then there is the question on what parts of the reasoning they focus on.
Lawrence Krauss wrote " The physics of Star Trek " in 1997 and mentions, " Star Trek, The final frontier (1989)" on p 3, p134, p135 but strangely he doesn't mention the scene where Kirk, Spock & Bones challenge the image claiming it is God. He does mention Sybok though.
Maybe Deuteronomy 5v8 should have said, " Check to make sure that your Gods aren't just idols i.e. illusions and fraud by other men or funny feelings which have better, naturalistic, explanations.
To fearfully cling to a version of orthodoxy
To timidly cling to the apron strings of your parents religion
The main question is maybe whether a person has been brave enough to explore all the issues and thereby reached intellectual maturity or whether due to paranoia has never dared listen to the reasons against their imagined orthodoxy , never looked at the kaleidoscope of views. This despite 1 Thess 5v21 saying, " Test everything. Hold on to the good "
Matt 7v7 " Seek and ye shall find " that the stories in the Bible are mostly fiction or fraudulent propoganda.
" Ask and it will be given to you ", Ask the minister for a list of all the books he has read to see if there are things he is not telling you, ask if there are any books which give reasonable doubts about Christianity, ask your minister what he thinks are the most major reasons for thinking that the supernatural realm is not a reality.
" Knock and the door will be opened to you ", Knock down the doors which ministers have tried to seal to prevent you discovering that they are conning you & themselves

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