Tuesday, 28 May 2013

One day a community of Adams and Eves were sitting around with their little Adams and Eves and Adams parents; Adam and Eve were there, as well as his grandad; Adam.
Then the littlest Eve said, " Dad how did we come to be on this planet ? "
 Adam replied, " Well, Erm you are a little young...  "
Eve replied, " She's not asking that, i've already told her, she means how did life on Earth originate "
Adam , " Oh, I never thought of that, Dad, how did we come to be here ? "
Adam, " Son, that is a good question, Dad how did we get here "
Adam, " Grandson, it's like this... I don't know "
Then Adam junior asked the Bonobo's sitting close by, " Hey monkey face, how did we get here "
Bonobo, " Cheeky, I'm an ape anyhow. Not sure, but I think we have a common ancestor. "
Adam, " No way,  are you trying to make a monkey of me ?"
Gibbon chips in, " It's true further back in time your ancestors looked more like me "
Adam, " Come on, you are having a laugh "
Squirrel, " It's true, further back in time your ancestors looked more like me "
Ratty, " It's true , further back you ancestors looked more like me "
Adam , " How could this be, things don't just happen by magic ? "
Bonobo, " We haven't worked that bit out, we don't have the skill set, we hoped you could work on it, but you must admit the similarities are clear
Kaa, the snake in the grass, " Hold up there, I've been over hearing your debate and i just want to set you straight, because I know with 100% certainty how life originated because I've been talking to God"
Adam , " What is God ? "
Kaa , " Not what, who! God is a huge monstrous snake who lives beyond the stars and created everything in 7 days by magic. God has the power to take you to a happy ever after or a miserable ever after when you die and his decision will depend on whether you accept my true version of the origin of life or whether you listen to those know nothing monkeys.
 Haven't you noticed that when ever you kill one of my relatives bad things happen to you that very year but when you treat us kindly things go better for you "
Adam, " Not totally sure about that link but suppose it could be possible "
Ratty, " Come on Kaa surely you see similarities between your anatomy and the lizards "
Kaa, " Absolutely not, I am holy separate, any resemblance is a coincidence, a trick of the light "
Adam,  " Hmm I'm not sure about all this, but the threat of suffering after death  sounds serious, what do you know about it "
Kaa ( seeing he has spiked Adam's fear ), " Oh the suffering is very real, it is like a million snake bites with venom sending people into wild frenzy "
Eve, " Why that sound awful, if there is even a risk of that we must avoid it "
Kaa, " Well the avoidance of this most terrible fate is quite simple, as I have said all that is required is that you believe the truth, that God said abracadabra & created life on Earth in 7 days and that he will give you further advice through me, his humble servant "
Eve, " Why thank you for helping us avoid a horrid end Kaa, how can we repay you ?"
Kaa, " Just a little food to help me through the winter, and some to offer as a sacrifice to appease God, to keep him in a happy mood, after all you wouldn't like it when he's angry "
Bonobo, " Adam I still think it would be wise to investigate the similarities in our forms "
Eve, " No, we must trust Kaa, what would God think if he could see us doubting the truth, it might annoy him "
Kaa, " Eve I must compliment you on your great wisdom "
Ratty, " I'm not so sure we can trust Kaa "
But Kaa gave Ratty a foul look as if to say, " I've got my eye on you Ratty "
And this is why to this very day snakes eat rats.

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