Wednesday, 15 May 2013

It would be possible to argue that points 2 and 4 about dinosaurs are both true and false. Jack Horner has interesting talks on TED about " Building a dinosaur from a chicken " & " Shape- shifting dinosaurs ". If birds are the descendants of dinosaurs then what point are you going to say they are no longer dinosaurs ?
It seems that people have spoken carelessly, making sweeping generalizations when they say that dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago. Should it be that the non avian dinosaurs were wiped out by the asteroid strike ? Or just the largest dinosaurs were wiped out ? However if homo only goes back 3 million years before being pretty much like the other apes then it maybe is stretching the definition of bird to say humans walked beside dinosaurs.
For a funny video see Chickenosaurus :
My answer to 
5 , From the earliest time animals have eaten both plants and animals
11, We should be thankful that there is no God like Jehovah [ or Allah or Marduck or Zeus ]
12, The theory of evolution by natural selection is the model which the evidence best fits 
13 Probably there was no Noah or flood or ark. People have imagined that God was telling them to do things but probably they were deluded about that.
16 localized flood events could have rapidly buried plant & animal species allowing them to later become fossilized. I wonder how many animals were buried & later fossilized by the Chicxulub asteroid ? What size of tsunami might it have caused ?
Wikipedia lists the following fossilization processes: Permineralization, Casts & molds, Authigenic mineralization, replacement & recrystalization, adpression, carbon films, bioimmuration

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