Wednesday, 29 May 2013

REWRIT : Genesis 2 : Then the science and reason deity said to  Eve, " Now it is time for you to name all the flora and fauna "
Eve said, " Ok cool, but  how long  is it going to take because Adam craves my attention "
And SRD said, " It'll just take a day "
Eve, " So how many are there " Expecting there only to be about 100 "
SRD, " 2 million species "
Eve, " Are you sure ? "
SRD, " Well, not sure, because they keep splitting up and becoming more, but maybe 8 million "
Eve , " OH my God, that will take more like 1000 years to name them all. Are you going to be able to fit them all into this garden , what will they eat while they are waiting ?"
SRD, " True many might die if taken out of their habitat, it would be much easier if you were to follow me round the Earth. "
Eve, " That is going to need a smart Taxonomy "
SRD, " Yes you need to divide them into  Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species "
Eve " Can Adam come on this expedition, he likes naming things "
SRD, " Yes working on it together could be a fun project "

It would have been good if the early man had gone round the whole planet  cataloging all the flora & fauna, making drawings of each one.

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