Thursday, 9 May 2013

ReWRIT; Now, Jesus stood on  Mt Improbable and said, " The love of money is the source of much priestly fraud. The  parasitic priests think that their income depends on maintaining the illusion of God. They are like spammers phishing with their junk maleware codes to see if they can get your cash.
Blessed are they who have read the books of Richard Dawkins and John Loftus for they shall avoid being parasitised by the priesthood.
Mark 10v18 : One day a rich young man ran up to Jesus and fell on his knees before him, " Good teacher " , He asked, " What must I do to avoid eternal suffering after death ? "
Jesus, " Why do you call me good when so much of what I have said is primitive mumbo jumbo ?"
Boy, " Well my elders told me that unless I think and say that your teachings are good then I will fry in hades "
Jesus, " Oh dear, sorry about that, you too have been infected with that software virus. Have you not read that the idea of Hades comes from Greek mythology ? I was just repeating the ideas that the society I grew up in told me were true, I trusted the priests assurances that the Septuagint was real verified history but now that I have read the ideas of Socrates and Epicurus & having looked into the future, 21st century, I have come agree with Keith Parsons that it wouldn't be ethical to let anyone suffer after death and in any case humans probably have no immortal soul. Trust me, God is a failed hypothesis "
John 7 ; The Jews were amazed to hear Jesus say this and asked, " How did this man get such learning in the days of Herod Agrippa ? "
Jesus answered, " My teaching is not my own, it comes from studying debunkingchristianity "
But some said, " You are demon possessed "
Jesus answered, " Now that I speak some sense you are astonished. Demons do not exist, my contrary points of view are because I am being possessed by a legion of ghost writers each competing to assert their view as being divine truth. You think that Moses gave you circumcision but actually it did not come from Moses, more likely just was copied from Egyptian practice, it was later priests who attributed the idea to an earlier mythic figure who became historicized. Watch out for the stories of the Jews for their ancestors were apes "
Luke 4v29 And they siezed Jesus to throw him off a cliff near Nazareth but they couldn't find one 

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