Sunday, 26 May 2013 is a good place to compare the bible & quran. It looks to me like the quran contains more references to dire threats than the bible. The quran was written about 700 CE, 500 years after N.T. The quran is synthesis of Septuagint, N.T. and pre islamic arabic myth. The quran has taken the name of a lead god figure, Allah, from arabian polytheism and used it in place of Yahweh. The quran could be described as a jumbled summary of the Bible.
It admits to this itself, 10:74 we decreed scripture for the children of Israel, 23:49 we gave Moses the scripture.
However some how it claims mankind and jinn together couldn’t have produced the quran. I think it would take very little imagination to make variations on either bible or quran.
It is necessary to take a skeptical view toward the quran and give the reasons to recognize which bits are false. Criticism of the bible really applies to the quran as well, since it’s stories are based on bible stories.
The quran has subconscious recognition of it’s failings, 21:5 these are but muddled dreams, he has just invented them, he is only a poet
21:30 the sun stars & earth were joined together until Allah separated them 6000 years ago. Living things were made from water
24:45 allah created every animal of water
92:2 Mankind was created from a clot
There is no evidence for a large Hebrew slave presence in Egypt or an Exodus , yet Ta Ha repeats the stories about Moses. It also places the idea of Hell back into Moses time ( 20:74 ) where as the Septuagint doesn’t know of hades or hell. This is the same trick as re writing the lead characters as being muslim. [ It would be fun to re write the Bible & Koran with the lead figures being atheist ]
quran 5:60 could have been improved if it made allah threaten to reverse evolve the unbeliever into a chimpanzee but maybe it is the believers who are more in danger of that.

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