Tuesday, 28 May 2013

And Moses came down Mt Sin I, and said to Aaron, " What do you think of these 10 commandments given to me by Yahweh ? "
And Aaron replied, " How come they aren't much different from Babylonian or Egyptian law codes ? "
And Moses said, " Look, do you want to make a living or not, these folk  are too gullibull to check up on it"
Just then sheet lightning lit up the sky carving out huge initials J.C.
The thunder sounded like, " Moses climb Mt  Improbable."
 Moses looked at the cliff and said, " Who speaks ? It looks impossible to climb that cliff, I can't see a way "
The science & reason deity replied, " This is the voice of the science and reason deity,  the source of the one reliable method to finding the truth about reality. I have a software upgrade for you [ recommended ]. You will find a very gentle slope to the top round the back of Mt Improbable.
Moses reaches the top and sees a tungsten filament  burning brilliantly bright yet never burning out, from it the voice says, " Moses take your staff and strike the rock beside you ". Moses did this and it split in two.
" Now look at the rock closely and you will see trilobite, these animals swam in the sea 500 million years ago, they became buried in the sediment & got  fossilized, then the collision of continental plates forced the sea bed to rise forming these mountains "
" But I thought that life on Earth was created instantly by magic 3000 years ago ? " said Moses
 The science and reason deity said, " I can see you are naked of experimental data and I can see through what you do have. The model you are trying to fit data in is transparently false, have you been listening to the spamming snake ?"
Moses, " Yes, It told me that unless I accepted it's hypothesis of 7 day creation then I would suffer for ever after death "
SRD, " The snake is lying as is it's habit, it's hypothesis doesn't have a leg to stand on . Listen  my theory of evolution by natural selection is the only one that really works, the rest are vain idols.
Evolution is the idea that the simplest lifeforms too small to see with the naked eye little by little transformed into more & more complex & varied organisms with the result being the present day flora & fauna "
" Wow " said Moses, " That is an earth shattering, iconoclastic  revelation "
Now said SRD, " Bring me some slabs of slate and I will use micro lightning to etch detailed drawings of many transition forms of animals to help you understand, show these to the people that they might accept your teachings as true "
Moses said, " Great but just one thing, before I forget " Your initials are SRD so what did the great letter's J.C. stand for ?
SRD, " Those are the initials of the prophet Jerry Coyne who will guide you into further truths.
Just one more thing. Your 10 commandments are little better than the Egyptian or Babylonian law codes you need some more advanced ones. Wait a minute and I'll go back to the future to bring you a copy of English common law 2013 as an example to follow.
  Then Moses came down Mt Improbable but found the people serving a load of bull to their children.
  But Moses understood & sympathized with their hominid origins, so he blended the neat truths in many appetizing snacks so they would eat of the knowledge of science willingly, and not leave it at the side of their plate.

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