Wednesday, 29 May 2013

There are loads of videos on Youtube showing the evidence for the evolution of life on earth as well as the evidence for the evolution of the universe. It would be an interesting experiment to play these videos and an audio version of WEIT & Ancestors tale etc in prisons 24/7, with no choice of other viewing and the rule is that no one can get out of prison until they pass an exam listing the evidence for evolution. Well actually i would maybe allow them to see some videos on the history of religion as part of a series on the evolution of culture.
Luke 6v27 says,”love your enemy “, but maybe that should be ” know your enemy “. There should be a rule,” before you shoot, read their book, you might be able to help them by pointing out the errors.” They might notice there are more similarities than differences, but that all religious text mostly look like primitive guesses compared to the encyclopedia of the evolution of science. They might also notice the evolution of law codes, the evolution of the concept of hell & heaven, the evolution of stories about their prophets.
If people think it looks nearly magical that one species could become another well at least it is a billion little magical steps rather than one vast magical leap over the moon and everything came into life instantaneously as we see it today.
Imagine if there had been a real god observing the process of evolution. I would imagine such a god would have made sure that enough increments were fossilized and made visible on rock faces & coal measures etc that humans could marvel at the wondrous process. We could have had museums full of complete fossils and if we needed more why just nip out and dig up yet more. Why make all earlier species only to be forgotten ? Why wouldn’t a god who had delighted in his grand experiment say, ” Look the diversity and ingenuity of it is superb and the other wonderful thing is that there is nothing to fear in death, you just go back to how you were before you were born. Cosy nothingness ” Isn’t it amazing that you have sprung from a code that has been in development for 3 billion years and largely in existence for 100 million years ? P.s sorry about all the suffering, didn’t actually realize that Homo Sapiens would develop a brain capable of such awareness of itself.

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