Wednesday, 15 May 2013

REWRIT, More lost sayings of Jesus; " Look at the sparrows of the field,
they do not need to worry about death because they go back to nothing,
so it is with humans, so eat drink and be merry while you live.
On average you can expect 70 years which is a lot longer than the sparrows 3 or 4 years.
 [ Sparrows can live up to 20 years but only 25 % make it to their first year ].
 Try to make the best of this amazing and bizarre universe.
Ps here is how to make binoculars to see the bird's more closely....
.then you'll see that many birds that in the distance appeared to be
 sparrows are other species like dunnock, goldfinches, tree creeper,
wren etc " [ Does the photo show a tree sparrow ? ]
See Youtube Johnny Carson reads letters from 3rd Graders on
" The Tonight Show " 1986 - completing proverbs that they hadn't heard of,
 when just given the start. " A bird in the hand is .... "
My suggestion: A plain bird in your nest is worth a dozen gaudy ones in a magazine.

REWRIT: And Jesus said unto them, consider the birds of the field
for their ancestors were reptilian dinosaurs. Though it does seem
 virtually miraculous that a cold blooded reptile could become
 a warm blooded bird, but there shall come a day when someone
 will be able to explain that to me.
And Jesus said unto them, " Consider the apes of the field,
 for our ancestors were pretty much like them. we share
a common ancestor. Beware of apish tendency to irrational thinking & behaviour.
Try " The Chimp Paradox " by Dr Steve Peters
And Jesus said unto them. Consider the book of Genesis,
 for it has many errors, especially in their idea of how life arose on Earth.
It would have been closer to say that God took an ape
and increased it's brain size so that it could communicate with him.
Luke 23v35 The people stood watching and the rulers even sneered at him,
 " Surely if there was real God he would save you ?
 Or not even let you get put on that cross ".
And Jesus said unto them, " You've got a good point there,
 but I find the idea of a happy ever after comforting "

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