Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Maybe churches & mosques should be required to teach basic level of evolutionary theory in order to get tax breaks ?
I wonder if the media could add more wee mentions about the evidence for evolution through out the day ?
Maybe as more people get access to youtube and wikipedia they will self help more ?
Maybe there should be a test of peoples knowledge of the evidence for evolution before they can immigrate into the country ? It would probably be possible to define a level of knowledge about evolution above which the writings of books over 1300 years old will be seen as largely mumbo jumbo.
Religious fundamentalism is symptomatic of a n information deficit. If people are presented with all the pieces of the jigsaw then the picture they build is likely to be more moderate than if they only have a slither.
How much about evolution were people taught in school 50 years ago ? There might be many people over age 50 who have never paid it much attention ?
I like the idea in C.S. Lewis book, ” The voyage of the Dawn Treader ” where the children fall into the picture of a ship at sea “. I think people construct story pictures about their world then fall into them. A clear understanding of the sheer quantity of evidence for evolution and the real history of the world should go a long way to preventing children from falling into the pictures painted by ministers or imams etc. If the bible and koran had dates put on the events the absurdities would become more apparent.

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