Wednesday, 15 May 2013

ReWRIT Deuteronomy 6v16 . Then John said to Moses : Be sure to put your God through an M.O.T test to see if it is road worthy for the 21st Century. Basically from a quick initial inspection round your God I can see near minimum tread on the tires, a lot of rust on the body work, bumpers missing, indicators on the blink and copious black smoke rising to heaven from that exhaust. You have 7 days to bring a certificate round to the station. Honestly I think you'd be better trading it in for a shiny new scientific method.
Moses : You don't understand, this is a classic, a collectors item, it turns heads. People look at me driving down the street. My wife and I have happy memories with it, she would fall out with me if I got rid of it.

The original sin was writing things that are desired or possible with more certainty than is warranted.
This is represented in the attempt at building the tower of Babel - to turn fantasy into reality.
The original sin of the Bible writers was writing things as definite which were no more than guesses about what had happened in the past.
Any truly honest account would give the address, date of writing and name & description of author.
The Bible authors could have said, " We have no written records from the distant past so we are recording the opinions of our leaders about what might have happened in our distant history ". Maybe this introduction to each book of the Bible got lost ? Or maybe there was an introduction passage, " This fiction based play is to be performed for the amusement of the people during days of the full moon ".
So the original sin of the Bible was fraud which was compounded by dire threats whereas it could have been ameliorated by saying that is was considered no more than a possibility.
Maybe John 14v6 should have Jesus say, " I am mostly false ideas which will block your way to positive psychology . For how can anyone have joy whilst considering that the majority of humanity will suffer for ever more and how can anyone have peace with the prospect of a judgement day when Jesus could turn round and say he never knew you because you didn't give all your worldly wealth away to the poor or to the church, or you remarried or failed to keep the laws better than the pharisees or doubted or didn't truly believe because it was impossible to figure out what you were to truly believe or any number of other uncertain factors "
Ever noticed how the author of Matt 25v42 has Jesus threaten damnation to someone who neglects to clothe the poor yet the author of Matt 26v11 is quite happy to say there will always be poor.
The Bible is a many headed beast - or two many cooks spoil the broth.
Maybe the original sin was selfishness, I'm going to heaven and to hell with the rest
ReWRIT John 14v5 Thomas said, " Jesus , we don't know where you are going because your views are so contradictory, how can we possibly know the way from what you have said ? John15v26 claims you say that they hated some of your ideas without reason but many of your threats & views warrant an angry response. 
You know, it occurs to me that you are in a psychological valley of superstition where you think there are evil spirits and such like that could attack you but I actually think there is no supernatural realm and so nothing to fear.
John 16v1&21&30 Then Jesus said, " You think you do service for truth but blessed are they who believe in me for they shall have a life of pain and grief like a woman in labour- which proves they are on their way to heaven " And some of his disciples said, " Now we can see you know all things and do not even need to have anyone ask you questions "
v33 Jesus said, " I tell you this so you will have peace: in this world you will have trouble, grief, suffering and ridicule for holding my ideas "
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