Sunday, 26 May 2013

If God was going to throw people who deny truth into hell then the authors of Genesis creation account would be the most in danger of hell since the evidence supports the theory of evolution where it points to a magical 7 day creation as being wildly adrift from reality. However if there is no immortal part to humans then how could anyone go to a hell. It would be unethical to let people end up in a hell. A loving God wouldn't let that happen.

Alternative creation myths

In the beginning God existed but he developed a technical fault, exploded and that caused the big bang

In the beginning God thought he would do an interesting experiment to bring about a universe so he caused the big bang. After 13.7 billion years of touring the wonderous galaxies & their solar system planets he stumbled on Earth and noticed something a bit unusual. " Oh look there is organic life on that planet " so he descended for a closer look, he saw thousands of species of flora & fauna. " Wow he thought, that is really surprising and cool, how did that happen ? " So he landed on the surface and studied everything. He went around talking to all the animals to see if any would reply. " Hello, who or what are you " he said.  When he came to humans they replied, " I am a human, who are you ", " God " oh so you are responsible for this chaos then. " Well in a way, but i never expected anything quite like this, have you managed to work out how you came about ", " No, we thought you would know ", " I'm afraid not, sure I could explain the stages in the evolution of the stars and all that but the idea of organic life on earth is new to me, have you had any ideas ? " , " Well some say you created life on Earth in 7 * 24 hour days others that it evolved of it's own accord ", " Well certainly not the former, evolution seems more likely since I've observed a sort of evolution in the galaxies ", " Ok ,so you don't know much more than us, what about helping us out with some knowledge how to prevent suffering on Earth ? " " Sorry can't help you their "

A long time ago people wondered how life on Earth originated. Then one man said to the others, " I have had a revelation that life was started by a big man in the sky called God. God did this by magic over 7 days, 6000 years ago. God has appointed me to be your chief, you must do as I say in order to prevent disasters like earthquake, drought, disease, infertility & many other sorts of suffering. God says that I am to be paid 10 % of your wages. If you do not follow my instructions you will have these various calamities fall on you. And the people replied, " Come off it you are just trying to con us " and the man said, " No and if you don't believe me then you will suffer for ever more after you die ". So the People did what he said. But one day an ape came up to the people and said to them, " Did you know that in the distant past you looked like me ". And the people wondered. And then a rat came up and said, " Did you know that in the distant past you looked like me ". And the people wondered. And then a fish came up to them and said,  " Did you know that in the distant past you looked a bit like me "

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