Tuesday, 28 May 2013

In the wildly improbable event that I meet a God one day I expect it will say to me, ” I don’t know you, who, what are you ? ”
I shall reply, ” I am a human from planet Earth ”
And God will say, ” So the rumours were true, the possibility has become a reality, there was
highly advanced organic life forms in the universe after all ”
I shall ask, ” So you weren’t aware of life on Earth then ? ”
And God will say, ” No, I thought it would be a really interesting experiment to start off a universe with a big bang but afterwards it occurred to me that there could be some outcomes I had not initially foreseen, I just hoped it wouldn’t come back to haunt me. Sure I suppose I should have travelled through the universe to check up on it but it looked so vast that I feared I would get lost in it and besides I didn’t have a space ship ”
And I will say, ” Oh that sort of explains it then, sure it was a fabulous experience in some ways but so much pain & suffering too ”
And I expect God will say, ” Oh, sorry about the suffering, if only i had known , i would have helped prevent it if I could, but I couldn’t. Did you manage to work out how you came to be like you are ?
And I shall say, ” Well the scientific method revealed that the theory best support by the evidence was evolution by natural selection – basically a very gradual built up of complexity based on a genetic code ”
And God will say, ” Sounds damn interesting, wish I had known and been able to take a closer look. Now I’d sure like to offer you a happy everafter but I’m afraid you have no immortal soul. So long buddy ”

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