Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The books advertised on Debunkingchristianity and Exchristian websites can blow faith to kingdom come, especially Victor J. Stenger; ” God the failed hypothesis “, ” God and the folly of faith “, Randal Helms; ” Gospel fictions “, Robert M Price; ” The christ myth theory and it’s problems ”
On BBC Radio 4, 13th May, ” Start the week, Music and the mind “. Richard Bentall; Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool, author of “Doctoring the Mind: Why Psychiatric Treatments Fail ” was
in debate with Tom Burns; Professor of Social Psychiatry at Oxford University, author of “Our Necessary Shadow: The Nature and Meaning of Psychiatry ”
Richard argued that conventional diagnosis like the DSM5 of USA is often unhelpful / doesn’t work well. Often no one asks the person suffering angst what has gone on to lead them to that point, what troubles them.
Tom argued that there isn’t a germ theory of why people suffer periods of mental illness.
I think folk like Randy worry about the uncertainty of what happens at death. They focus on the threats of hades – the germ / virus floating in society – which seem supported by a mass of people including presidents, doctors, professors & written as if fact in reference books. They fear the threat so fall in line thinking that if they tick the ” I believe ” box then they will be safe. Going with the flow.
On the idea of cognitive behaviour therapy it is quite a positive idea to trust that if there was a god it would either take everyone to happy ever after or let them cease to exist at death.
There are many ideas in the religious restaurant, some people focus on the ones which fit the ” Everything is going to be ok for me ” box and others focus on ” Ruin for me unless I tow the orthodox view “. As R.M.Price says, ” It is just mind games “, ” but often culture already has you half way along the yellow brick road by claims that the stories in Bible & Koran are mostly historical ” I think there is very little reality in either. Read both and it appears the Koran is only a jumbled summary of the Bible, written at least 500 years after it. How would it have needed an angel to reveal it?

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