Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Re Anna Pierre, North Miami, " Say no to corruption " campaign 2013
Good campaign poster; ” Say no to corruption “, Say no to religious fraud, Say no to Jesus. Let’s have more education about all sides of the debate, Let’s have health insurance because ,let’s face it, God isn’t going to do any good for your health & Jesus will let you die like sparrows.
Try, ” Forgery in Christianity ” & “Is it God’s Word ” by Joseph Wheless. Also ” The encyclopedia of Biblical errancy ” by C. Dennis McKinsey.
Harry H. McCall on Debunkingchristianity 15th May 2013, shows a good example in Matt 18v17 which has Jesus talking about ” the church ” but it didn’t establish until after he was dead.[ assuming that he ever lived ]
Contra John 14v6. Jesus stands for mostly false ideas which block
the way to healthy psychology, reality, emotional maturity & higher ethical systems.

Actually I suspect that some of the Bible writers were trying to conduct a dirty tricks campaign against Jesus by trying to slur his name, by misquoting him, alleging that he spoke a load of primitive mumbo jumbo & nonsense.
Other sources claim Jesus stood for truth so maybe there was a lost gospel recording his true teachings, probably something like this: One day as Jesus sat by the watergate of Galilee he said, ” Evolution is true, consider the frogs of Lake Titicaca, they are not amphibious like toads of the field which have lungs to breath air and so must surface when in water to breath. Rather their lungs have become atrophied and useless like the brains of many religious fundamentalists.
Like many species of frogs they can absorb oxygen from the atmosphere but the low oxygen content of Lake Titicaca at such high altitudes has been a selection force for frogs with greater skin surface area. This has resulted in the frogs having large bag like flaps of skin with capillaries that can absorb enough oxygen."
 And all the people who heard this said, ” Surely this is true “.
 And Jesus replied, ” One day there will come a man who will lead you into more truths about the Fact of evolution, and his name shall be called Jerry Coyne."
But beware of the creationists for their brain is filled with the fossilized thoughts from the cretinaceous period.

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