Friday, 16 December 2011


Do some infernal priests say,  I’ll be tormented when I die ?
Will fish hooks tear my eye ?
Will crocodiles  chew  my thigh ?
and ravenous rats savour stomach pie?
Will Piranhas be feasting upon my toes ?
Will Monstrous Triassic  ichneumon, be adding to my woes ?
Will a conga eel, devour my willy ?
I think they’re talking, very silly
When my body’s disappeared, how will I experience that ?
Or will I somehow get, an indestructible body back ?
Do I tread above, a pit of liens
Well The End of Christianity, will devour those lines
You think I’m poised above, a wretched pit
And I must do something, to avoid falling into it
You think I’ll be roasted, on a spit ?
Or perpetually drawn & quartered, unless my resistance, quit
Or in keeping with Geneva convention
Just very lonely like in detention ?

If the ministers trident, has some points on which you are stuck
Then Loftus has great news; you’re in good luck
If the myth of hell has cast it’s spell, and chilled you to the bone
Then Prices books are like hearty soup, to put warmth back into home.
If your head feels like it has been caught, betwixt a rock and  stone
Then give the revy friendly Keith, Parsons a phone
Or enter into dry humour zone
With Christopher Hitchens, ‘ The portable atheist ‘; a weighty tome
If you thought you were walking the plank, above a fiery flame
Then Loftus’ writings will slam, the damper on the same
If your life was being driven, ass by an electric cattle prodder
He’ll take the batteries out, so you can become a plodder
And enjoy a humorous Yule
Instead of stampeding like a crazy mule

Jesus hands were kind hands, that's what I was told But on analyzing the stories I wonder if they were miss sold Ever since I accepted the party line, I'd been feeling kinda low But now I feel muchl happier to realize it is not so Have we been given a rock and told it was a fish ? I nearly broke my teeth on that old rotten pish They set the default position for everyone to go to hell but i'm not ashamed to say that doesn't sit with me too well On the contrary i think a loving god would take us all to a life divine So I hope that whether it is extinction or party, things will work out fine For Jesus to be a hero he'd need to have cancelled hell but to have won the victory yet continued the suffering really doesn't sell What if these stories are mostly fictions, a lot of make believe what is they've used old myths a newer tale to weave What if you've been worrying about stuff that really isn't real Well then you can laugh about it and not longer in such things deal.

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