Friday, 16 December 2011


We wish you a merry Xmas [repeat 3 times ]
,And a godless (god free) new year
 Good tidings we bring, to you and your king,
 If there is a good God, then we’ll all go to heaven,
 Yes , if there is a good god; then we’ll all go to heaven,
 Or if there is a good god; we might cease to exist.
 Yes if there is a heaven, we’ll all be there,
 But if there is not one, then we will be nowhere,
 But it won’t be the Bible god or the Koran god ,
 It won’t be the Torah god, that I find there

A Sarcaustic prayer. Come let us follow the example that Matthew 5v44 claims that Jesus taught; for us to extend the love of God to those who have acted as enemies to us & pray for them. Our Father who art in hiding, non existent are your works ( at least in recent millennium ) God of inaction & indifference We pray for those who have acted against our interests, as Christ allegedly taught, perhaps with a wry smile on his face ? We pray that you might extend to them your non interventionist policy that we witness 99.999% of the time in the lives of those whom we hold dear. Since this is clearly your will almost all the time & since it is claimed you will never learn or change we pray with great confidence, believing that it is odds on that you will let those who have done acts of extreme anti social, disrespectful behaviour succumb to whatever cancers and disease befalls them. We thank you for the promise that whatever we ask for as long as it is your will will be granted. Though observation of history also shows that those guilty of the cruelest tyranny have often escaped the life shortening illnesses which afflicted the most caring. In any case we pray that you would extend the level of care you bestow on us to our enemies too i.e sweet F' all and multiply the blessings abundantly that you showered us with and pour them on those who persecute us too - as it will still be as naught. We pray that they may not receive help, just as our nearest and dearest also did not receive help. That you might treat these others as you wished your own (possibly chosen ones) to be treated i.e adandoned to the ravages of natural selection God we specifically remember Billy who has spent much of his past few years bullying people, generally acting in a thuggish way and driving like a maniac. In this, his difficult time, now paralyzed from the waist down after the car crash, we thank you that his ability to carry out anti social acts has been much curtailed. We pray that a miraculous healing for him might be as likely as it was for all the other folk in times before modern medicine i.e vanishingly slight. But that never the less he might be held, blessed as we are as a child of your care, every day in the thrall of unanswered prayer, ever looking but never receiving a positive answer. We pray too for Nigel who is in prison for rape & grievous bodily harm. As we sit here shivering in our cold church hall we remember him in his centrally heated cell with it's constant 70 Fahrenheit air temp, with en suite bathroom , sky tv and PS4 game station, clean water and three square meals a day. God help us not to think it is funny that he has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. We don't know or understand why this didn't happen before he carried out the attacks nor why you are not more consistent in allowing this fate to befall those who have acted in this way but we pray that as with nearly all cancer, that you would let it run its course & that no one would be weak minded enough to fund the thousands of $$$$ worth of chemo therapy it would take to give him a chance. As this seems to have been your will in recent times all we ask is that you might carry on in your unchanging ways at least to those who have caused us grief and unhappiness.

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