Friday, 16 December 2011


Jesus Christ is alive today
I doubt, if that is true
That he’s really mucked us up
I’ll give him credit due
Is he seated at God’s right hand ?
Or are you headed into loony land
Jesus Christ is alive today
I think, that is not true

Parody on "He's everything to me"
In the stars amazing things I see insights of how we evolved to be forces that govern over land and sea it is astonishing to me ! I will remember nativity For the story had a place in history Science can set all children free To live the best we can be Til I noticed the errors in scripture and realized many ideas in there were a disgrace Then I knew He was a god who just wasn't there who was just made up by folk down here Now I walk in reality day by day Free to make the most of my own sweet way Science & reason helps me to find a better way Technology is everything to me.

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