Friday, 16 December 2011


We wish you a merry Xmas,
We wish you a merry Xmas
We wish you a merry Xmas
And a godless New Year
[ alternatives- And a freethinking New Year / And a god free New Year ]
Good tidings we bring , to you and your kin
The future is bright , so be of good cheer.
If there's a heaven, we'll all be there
And if there's a good God, we'll all be there
But probably, there is no supernatural realm
So we'll go no where.
Madonna , ' Material girl ' [parody , as sung by a believer in orthodoxy ]
People try to tell me reasons, why ,what I believe ain't true
But my minister, and his flock, tell me not, to listen, to you
You try to tell me reasons why what I believe ain't true
But my fearful thoughts and apologetics won't allow me to listen to you
Cause, I live in a fantasy land, and I worship a fantasy man
Yeh, I live in a fantasy world, which is why I call myself, Christian
[ However maybe many who call themself Christian do have strong belief in the idea of being loving & caring & the good samaritan. But maybe when it comes to reality it is more about being careful, doing your job well. Being good for goodness sake or just helping others cause it makes you feel good, or as a return favour or to gain their favour]

John Loftus shows me many bits, where what the Bible says ain't true
But fearfulness like paranoia hinders me listening to him
So I'm stuck in a fantasy world and I worship a cosmic tyrant
Yeh I'm stuck in the Bibleverse suffering from stockholms syndrome.

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