Friday, 9 December 2011

Mary Pop Rap: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


 Jesus Christ, the Christians say, makes them alidocious
But the doctrine of hell sounds simply quite atrocious
If there was a loving God , he’d take us all to heaven
What sort of monstrous tyrant are you willing to believe in?
Dumb riddle diddlE dumb dumb dumb lie, Dumb diddlE riddle dumb dumb dumb lie * 2
For Jesus to be a hero, he’d need to save everyone, That they say he’ll damn the most, Just makes me feel quite glum,
How can you claim God is love, Then claim that he’d do that
Fortunately I can reveal  those thoth started in ancient duat
If you thought it’d save your bacon, would you make other people fry
Just because an ancient priest claimed he’d seen Christ fly up in the sky
What if most of those thoths were merely lunatic
I’m sorry but I have to say they seem really rather sick
A loving god would save us all & take us all to heaven
That’s the only sort of god, I’m willing to believe in
If there was a  loving god ,then all would turn out well
Only a Nazi Hitlerite would send a man to hell.

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