Friday, 9 December 2011

Big Chief Black & White writing Bull

December 09, 2011 - 03:58 PM

Him [ colloquially : John], Write Revelations, How!? Thoth; Great Spirit of Sky, help.
Him see things no mere Indian can see, Him see visions, fortune tell.
Him write Rev 12v4 Heap Big dragon knock third of stars from sky down to earth, Heap big lightning & thunder & blood. Rev 13v7, Next day everybody go to work as normal but with Mark Of Beast on forehead 666, Rev14v9. Then Rev 13v11 Beast speak like a dragon [ what would that be like? The X?]. More heap big earthquake, plague, screaming & wailing.
Rev 16v8 Angel pour bowl of blood on Sun & it scorch people with fire- them seared by much heat- them complain like Brits in Ibiza; “bloody hot” .v 10 Men gnaw their tongues in agony [ well that is hardly going to help ]
Rev 20v13 Sea will give up the dead that were in it.
Him speak with forked tongue. This message inspired by Holy Spirit, anyone tamper with message; he much dead; him suffer 6th death- more terrible than scalping. You look at John’s face & see mad staring eyes, You know He inspired ! Fear of lord=beginning of wisdom.
HOW !?

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