Friday, 16 December 2011


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Live if you will, die if you must
Who knows what will happen, when we bust ?
Will everything that is of us, rust ?
Or will our breath, catch a gust ?
And whip us up, into angelic delight ?
To sip, of ambrosia nectar ?
And listen to Jesus strum, on his Sitar ?

Parody on psalm 23
Love is my guiding star
Not old fables quite bizarre
Science & technology are my friend
They are things on which I can depend
Religious fraud leads in a crooked path
makes you cling to nonsense about which the educated laugh
Even though I walk in a world of dangers
microscopes and telescopes have dispelled some peculiar strangers
Scriptural bunk gave me a stinking sore head
But reason was paracetamol that makes me glad I'm not dead
Some say if there is no heaven or hell 
then things for Hitler would work out well
But would you approve if Hitler wanted to make his camps eternal ?
I think such a decision would be infernal
Don't overrate iron age peasants Jesus & Mo
There knowledge was far less than their rampant ego
Jesus sat by his fire predicting the end
With stars falling to Earth when the heavens did end
But we 21st centurians surely know
Stars are massive and distant so that story won't go
Just like the sign of Hezekiah is  a lie complete
As our planet can't reverse to make the shadow retreat
Nor can our days lengthen: Joshua's tale is a fib
And evolution is true so woman didn't come from a rib
It's viruses and bacteria which are a main threat
Microorganisms evolving might beat their nemesis yet.
But the gods are a fiction, a failed hypothesis we made
And realizing the reasons to think this lets me rest in a sunny glade.

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