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From  ' The Sound of music '  [how come Maria doesn't make skeptic observations of the Bible. How come she doesn't say, " I'm leaving the convent because i've been reading Robert Ingersoll & Thomas Paine & Democritus and I've realised that the orthodox image of God is not truly loving or godly or good but rather tyrannical. In any case I think that Charles Darwins theory of evolution rather disproves the Bible idea of creation & original sin and therefore it becomes obvious that the Bible is mostly mythical and probably based on astrology and previous primitive religions & god delusions. So bye I'm off to study science & reason not proto thought"]
Climb every mountain
Read high and low
Read the books of Robert Ingersoll
Then you will be free

Climb mount Improbable
Ford every stream
Read the books of Richard Dawkins
Then you’ll find your dream

If you want to be loving, then conclude that hell is myth
That doctrine is damnable, a good god wouldn't do it

Climb every mountain
Be sceptical of old writ
It contains ideas, barbaric
You can think better than it

Don’t believe the Bible
Its mostly faction
Only pick out the good bits
Like the golden rule

A loving God wouldn’t do hades, he’d take everyone to heaven
But probably there are no gods, so why worry about them


Dawkins brings the extra dimension to the debate about religion. By proposing the model, " There is no cosmic God " he gives 3 D vision to analysis of religion.
           Have you seen the 3D film version of " Life of Pi "? If you watch it without glasses it just looks blurred. This could be an analogy to what the Bible looks like if you thought it was inspired by a God but with Dawkins' 3D specks,       " We evolved by natural selection, the Bible is 100% human guesswork, 0% divine inspiration ",  then the data fits into place without a whole load of excuses.
           In the Life of Pi you could maybe see the tiger as Abrahamic religions. Your father tells you to fear it. It gets into your boat by accident, it can drive you crazy and you don't know whether to stay in the boat with it or to jump out. There comes a point when you try to get it out of your boat, maybe you do manage to exclude it,  but because you never  
found a different explanation for it , you let it back in again even though it eats up your life and makes it more difficult. As your thinking develops and you see different aspects of it you maybe begin to see it as a human / organic creation and learn to tame it.. Eventually it just becomes an irrelevance that leaves and is forgotten about.
           1 Kings 7v23 gives a value of Pi as 3 .  " He made a sea of cast metal, circular in shape, measuring ten cubits from rim to rim.... It took a line of thirty cubits to measure round it . " A bit sloppy from the creator of the universe ? Was the universe fine tuned with Pi = 3 ? How come the film doesn't mention this ?
             The best line in the film is from Pi's father who says, " Science has done more for humanity in a few hundred years than religion did in 10,000 ". However the same man criticizes Pi for embracing 3 religions simultaneously whereas if anything i would say it was intelligent to know and compare what each said.
              Like Dawkins said ~ ' just because you hope something will be real doesn't make it true '. If you know the atheist position then it gives the freedom to dream and fantasize a little but still keep your feet grounded in reality. If you only have the indoctrinated black and white position of orthodoxy then you could be imprisoned by it. However if you took the view, " I'm going to live a decent life and go to heaven " , isn't that quite positive ? People go with the flow for an easier life if they're not too troubled by it.

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