Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How do you solve a problem like the Bible

December 05, 2011 - 04:45 PM
Ghost writer of Hammerstein

'How do you solve a problem like Maria', from the Sound of Music. Is it a codetext? Change 'Maria' to 'Bible' and it fits amazingly well! I wonder if Hammerstein intended that ?
How do you catch is words and pin them down?
How do you define what words mean in the Bible?
A fibbertogodibet, a willow the wisp, a clown?
Many a thing you know you’d like to change there
Many a thing is primitive & barbaric
But how do you make believers stay
And listen to all you say
How do you show they stand [wave] upon the sand?
Oh how do you solve a problem like the Bible?Know that you hold an imaginary god in your hand !
When I’m with it I’m confused, out of focus and bemused
And I never know exactly where I am
Unpredictable as weather, its as fictional as a Carroll
It’s snarling, it’s a demon, it’s a lamb
It’ll out pester any pest, drive a hornet to your nest
It could throw a whirling dervish out of a whirl
Its as gentle as its wild, it’s a riddle to a child
It’s a headache, its barbaric, its superstition

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