Wednesday, 7 December 2011


November 16, 2011 - 05:22 PM
That will be shining right.

We three kings of orient are,
Travelling in spirals as we follow a star,
Why have we been led to Herod's home?
That seems to us rather dim
Oh star of wonder, star of night,
Is anything in the Bible right?
Read the book of Ken Humphreys
And you will become, far more bright

Also follow the wise words of astronomer Victor J. Stenger, to see the light.

Matt 2v2 If the Magi came from Persia they would have needed a star in the west (not east,just wait til dawn?) for it to guide them to Jerusalem. Maybe the Magi were from Rome & looked toward Israel in evening & saw Jupiter in the east hanging over Jerusalem?
The star had been so vague that they gave up & asked the nearest king for directions.Oddly Herod told them where to find Christ, then asked them to return to tell him were Christ was. Then the star became lazer guided and swung from low in the west to low in the south to lead them 6 miles south down the road to Bethlehem. So was it an angel or a satellite sucked back in time from 2011 or a bright idea? If an angel, then why did they say it rose? Were Magi in the habit of travelling at night?

That was a lovely version thanks, beautiful voice & playing Here is a parody on the lyrics: We three kings of Orient are selling petrol, diesel and tar paraffin and liquefied natural gas and other fractional distillates Used to be we made great profits but these have shrunk from unforeseen market forces fracking in the U.S.A and a downturn in global commodity markets O Star of wonder, star of light How come the ancients didn't get it right ? They never prophesied about the oil fields under our feet How they got there or the uses of them. Frankincense but no common sense have I Preaching fairy stories akin to alibi Knowing little of modern astronomy Explains books like Deutermoronomy

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