Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Has Hollywood escapism trapped US in Christ fantasy ?

December 07, 2011 - 04:51 PM Has Hollywood escapism trapped US in Christ fantasy?

  Has Hollywood censored most opinions skeptical of Bible ? In the 1959 "Sound of Music" musical it could have been that Maria makes her 1930s decision to leave the Abbey based on enlightenment views. If she had been reading Albert Schweitzer 1906, David Strauss 1860, Darwin 1859, Nietzshe 1888, even Ingersoll 1872, Wheless 1925.
If Maria had read such skeptical writing would the nuns have scolded her : "You behaved badly"? or praised "Oh how interesting to look at the whole argument"
The real life story of Maria on Wikipedia is more down to earth than the film. Sounded too fantastic to be true ?
What other Hollywood films have touched on religious matters but shied away from any real criticism ? Was that due to hard headed business- feared to risk effecting sales by including thoughts that the majority might feel annoyed about? Or they were ignorant of skeptic writings ? The films are about escapism not harsh reality ? Maybe we would escape to a brighter reality if most embraced the theory of evolution & freethought? Dawkins has written a good book, 'The magic of reality'

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