Saturday, 2 November 2013

Luke 4v5 And John Loftus led the Christians up to a high place to show them world history

The trouble with the Satan character in the Bible is that he is so pathetic in reasoning and clearly needed to read the books of John W. Loftus to get some real ammo in his kit.
Maybe we should write, " The last testament of Christ " where Jesus returns to meet his nemesis; the Rambo antiChrist; John Loftus. Due to the impossibility of getting the original team of Jesus scriptwriters ( them being dead and gone ) we will just have to make do with the latest batch from Bible college.
Luke 4v5 And John Loftus led the Christ(ians) up to a high place and showed them in an instant all the religions & philosophies of the world throughout recorded history. " How is it that elements of these religions & Greek philosophy that preceded Christianity are so similar to ideas in the Bible ? "
But the Christians replied, " Do not put us to your outsider test of faith, we only want to hear what our minister tells us about the Bible, not read it for ourselves. Now let us go back to thinking of work, family & sport "
When John Loftus had finished all this testing he left them until an opportune time

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