Monday, 4 November 2013


One tactic we might have expected to see used by the Bible devil is to have people coming up to Jesus and say there is no supernatural realm, no God, no demons.
Then Jesus could say they were speaking the devil's wily tricks
Acts 17v32 comes close, " When the Epicureans and Stoics heard about the resurrection of the dead, some of them sneered " 
It could have continued, " some of them sneered it looks to us that there is no supernatural realm, no god, no afterlife, we see no evidence for it. We think you are making stuff up. We follow the atomist philosophy. If God is all powerful then how does he allow so much suffering etc?" 
I wonder if an early copy of Acts 17v32 mention the possibility that there is no supernatural realm and then a priest later censored the sentence because he wanted to keep people in the dark & not give too much food for thought. Maybe the original author self censored. Even though he was well aware of people saying there were no gods he cut back that idea.
Did the Bible writers & editors know more about the spectrum of ideas in the world than they let on or were they genuinely ignorant ?
When you think of all the things the Bibledevil could have said to undermine the credibility of Jesus or existence of BibleGod, but didn't, then you have to wonder if the authors censored it out or was the Bibledevil really that stupid & feeble ? Bible Satan was actually Jesus cheerleader & team mate who seconded the idea that God & a supernatural realm existed.

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