Friday, 25 October 2013

And Peter said to Jesus, " You are a Composite, the Son of many gods "

Matt Ridley in " The rational optimist " p270 talks about how culture and technology advances by ideas having sex :
" When Hero of Alexandria invented an ' aeoliphile ' or steam engine in the first century AD, and employed it in opening temple doors, the chances are that news of his invention spread so slowly and to so few people that it may never have reached the ears of cart designers. Ptolemaic astronomy was ingenious and precise, if not quite accurate, but it was never used for navigation, because astronomers and sailors did not meet. The secret of the modern world is its gigantic interconnectedness. Ideas are having sex with other ideas from all over the planet with ever- increasing promiscuity. The telephone had sex with the computer and spawned the internet. The first motor cars looked as though they were ' sired by the bicycle out of the horse carriage ' The idea for plastics came from photographic chemistry. Almost every technology is a hybrid "
Maybe the Bible is a story of the mating of near eastern religions with Jesus as the mongrel son ? Was Jesus vaguely of referred to as the Son of Man because so many contributed their seed to the womb that it is impossible to decide who the father was ? His birth is remembered in the naivity scene because only the naive would fail to see the birth was delivered by priestly spin doctors.
Matthew 16v15 " But what about you ? " Jesus asked, " Who do you say I am ? " Simon Peter answered, " You are the Composite, the son of many gods " 
Jesus replied, " Blessed are you, this would never have been told to you by orthodoxy but has been revealed by John W. Loftus, Robert M. Price & others who sought the truth and found probabilities "
Ken Humphreys is gives reasons to think Jesus never existed : " How did they know ? "

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