Saturday, 2 November 2013

Who is the twister ?

  • The Bible actually has an interesting idea about Satan twisting the words of the Bible or using interpretations which were not intended. It is quite often in life that the arguments which are nearly correct or a mix of fact and fantasy which catch people out the most effectively. For instance if you were trying to assess whether a project would be successful or not, you might conclude yes a goer and invest but it might fail due to some unforeseen bits of information. Or maybe people focus on one aspect of the argument but lose sight of the big picture or fail to investigate other important aspects.
    If twisted ideas are defined as the handy work of Satan then maybe most of the Bible is Satan's work ? It was certainly twisted genius which welded the few good ideas in the Bible onto the back of eternal concentration camp for the majority. 
    The brackish Bible crucifies humanity, tempts them in with some nice words about showing loving attitude to your neighbour and enemy & forgiveness, overlooking a multitude of sins etc but it is a pitcher plant to trap and digest you like a fly in its caustic hellish juices.
    Matthew 6v6 
    Jesus: When you pray go to your room and lock yourself away where no one else will see
    Satan: Don't bother praying, there is no supernatural realm to hear you. Even I am just some geezer clicking away on a computer keyboard in cyber space. It would be better for your mental health to get out more, take part in sport or travel, do something creative. On the other hand it could help to think through what would be the caring, helpful, humorous, clever thing to say in each situation.

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