Friday, 15 November 2013

So many people really are that dim, therefore God exists.

Too many people really are that dim, therefore God exists.
Was Jesus as thick as the two short planks he was nailed to ?
Just kidding !
Knock knock
Who's there ?
Nobody who ?
No body cause Jesus was a fictional character ?

Luke 24v2 They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. 
Then Mary the mother of James said to Mary Magdalene, " Was Jesus really real or did we just imagine him ? "
 And Mary replied, "How contrary ! What are you saying?  You think that Jesus was just a literary character or a device used by a priest to control us ? That we just trusted the priests & our parents unduly on this? "
 Mary, " Pinch me to make sure I am  not dreaming " 
Mary, " I didn't feel a thing when you pinched me, What if we are not real either ? "
 Mary, " How perfectly dreadful, then who would look after our families ? "
Mary, " But if we are not real maybe they are not real either, where is this all going to end, who is real in this story ? If we are not real how can we speak to each other ? "
Then out of the fog a figure appeared.
Mary, " Sir who are you "
Figure, " It is I, Pontius Pilatus and who pray tell are you ? "
Mary, " I am Mary the mother or James, follower of Christ, what have you done with his body ? "
Pontius Pilate, " I know not who you speak of "
Mary, " But you sentenced Jesus to death on the cross barely a couple of days ago "
Pontius Pilate, " I know nothing of this. I delegate crucifictions to others. Now I am busy so must wash my hands of this matter "

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