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Wholly ReWrit Turning the desert into grade 1 arable fields

Look Further

Luke 4v3-4 Jesus was too quick to reject the devilishly good suggestion of turning the desert stone(s) / sand into fertile fields of ripe wheat to make bread. What harm would that do? Jesus should have cared for his body- he hadn't eaten for 40 days- hardly surprising he was going round the bend. Actually N.T. playwrights missed a trick by not having Jesus follow Satan's advice because then he would have done a miracle to fulfill Isaiah 35v7- The burning sand will become pools, grass & reeds will grow v9 the redeemed will walk there v10 and enter Zion singing. It would also have tied in nicely with Deut 8v7-9. Oh well, write that story in the margin& copy & paste into main text on next reprint.
Look Further

  Luke 4v4 Jesus answered Duet. 8v3' Man does not live on bread alone', No, You stingy devil, I need a Big Mac, for, looking into the future , it is written Big Mac 490 calories & I can get extra dill pickles for $6, I'm loving it. But the devil replied, ' Bread alone is healthier'. To which Jesus parried. ' That is hardly a balanced diet, besides I want to eat out' Then the devil recognised how tempting Jesus idea was & he yielded & took Jesus unto the temple of gastronomic delights. They ordered 2 flame grilled Big Macs. In a flash they were served. Then the devil said, 'Cast your Big Mac down to the floor & angel will save it & return it to the table unscathed. But Jesus replied, 'Do not put me to the test or I shall curse you, I wasn't born yesterday, I know angels are fictional.' Curses exclaimed the devil. 'Don't curse say the blessing' said Jesus.Then feasted they with great mirth & merriment
Doubting Thomas

  The bible writers were trying to make up good rules for living but they didn't get too far, modern secular law (eg U.K) is better. Orthodoxy has made an image of God that is not truly divine. A perfectly moral God wouldn't do an immoral thing like sending people to an eternal torment ( certainly not just for being human) a perfectly competent God wouldn't have allowed a hell to come into existence, a perfectly loving God wouldn't have allowed the world to exist after Adam and Eve knowing only 10% were going to be saved. Bertrand Russell p14 of 'Why I am not a Christian' says even decent human kindliness would not put fears of hell into people. Orthodoxy is engaged in Bibliolatry, see p 238 of 'Trusting doubt' by Tarico. Even N.T. writers didn't expect their writing to be the last word set in stone but rather hoped that they would be led into greater truths and understanding. It is time to leave superstition for a higher morality. Time to leave the childish milk of a false image of God and take the meat of adulthood in accepting there probably is no God and we can fashion & inhabit an image of true human goodness & maturity
Friend or Foe ?

  love your friends, hate your enemies ? Love your neighbour? love your enemies ? Love the friend in your enemy ? hate the enemy in your friend ? The good samaritan was labelled 'enemy' but did the supreme act of friendship by saving the Jewish person's life. Love your enemy is simultaneously wise and foolish because it is a vague, generalised comment which starts by condemning a fellow human with the name tag, 'enemy'. You need to assess each comment for it's truth, accuracy, correctness no matter who speaks it. Your enemy might be the one who isn't afraid to tell you a home truth that will help you. Your friend might just agree with your conclusion while secretly not agreeing, they might also be sincerely mistaken. Armies on each side of a war look to acquire winning weapons or tactics from each other, in that way they love their enemies- stealing each others clever ideas. It would be more clever to strike a peace deal where each side has a sustainable future, recognising each others humanity, instead of exaggerating & denouncing each other as monsters.To me "Love your enemy" doesn't mean love, like or enjoy what you don't about them, it means look to see if there are any points you do value or agree with about them.

  It looks like God is dead. There is no devil and no hell. Too well do I know those who think themselves godlike, they insist on being believed in and that doubt is sin...Body am I entirely and nothing more...Alas in our body dwelleth not only the rationality of millenniums but also their madness...Tares want to be called wheat... those who call themselves 'the good and just', forget not that for them to be Pharisees nothing is lacking but power...good and evil which would be everlasting, it doeth not exist... All Gods are part symbolisations, poet sophistications... To transform everything into; 'Thus would I have it' that only do I call redemption...a man of knowledge must be able to love his enemies... There is much childishness in the old books of wisdom. Such ancient babbling still passeth for 'wisdom' because it is old and smelleth mustily, even mould ennobleth.
One of the greatest sins was the phrase,'woe to them that laugh now'. He did not love sufficiently otherwise would he also have loved us. A child even finds cause for laughter. But he hated us, wailing and gnashing did he promise us.
But there will come in the future a visionary called Ken Humphreys who will point the world to the enlightenment of Truth, reason and understanding.
The echo of Monty Python

  Fancy a laugh? Then try out these hilarious sketches from Monty Python's flying circus, on youtube. Ps check out the mystic runes.
'Crack pot religions'
'Silly vicar'
'Beethoven', N.B J.W. Goethe name plate
'The meaning of life, middle age'/ discussion cafe N.B Schopenhauer, Nietzsche.
'Life of Brian', was Brian more like the real history?
' The holy grail' N.B the verbal prochronisms of the peasant being made to talk of ,'anarcho syndicalist commune' etc .
'Bruce sketch' N.B. logical positivism
'Post office' N.B mention of Turkish President Kemel Ataturk who promoted secular government ;biography by E.W. Swanton
'Wuthering heights, by semaphore'

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