Monday, 12 September 2011

Conversion of Dick to Richard on Superhighway

January 18, 2011 - 03:10 PM

Whilst surfing on the information superhighway between Jerusalem, Emmaus and Damascus, the vision of a great site shone out at me. It said to me,"Why are you persecuting others with that Jesus pish" "Who are you?", I enquired,"For I am a man in search of truth about Jesus, my social circle all rave that Jesus is right but I suspect something is false as it doesn't really make sense, so I am attracted to your alternative, if controversial, take on it" "I am JNE",the site replied,"I am a way for you to find the truth about the historicity of the bible & thereby attain rational life" "Lord I am wandering in this fog of christian delusion, I know not what I do, I see through a glass painted darkly by priestly tar, open my eyes that I might hear" I entered and as we travelled on together something like blinkers fell from my brain s eye. I felt something like relief well up within as I realised all significant bible claims were fiction. Joy, I have climbed out of that dark tomb of christianity, out of that hell hole. I have risen again, born a new atheist. JNE spoke,"Dick from now on you shall be called Richard" 

January 17, 2011 - 03:59 PM
Father O'Fluckerty

I'll quote ye from my Wholly Irish Bible."In the beginning God created the world and said that it was good, but afterwards he realised that he'd forgotten to put an off switch for the sperm". Actually my wife wants to also put an off switch for my sex hormones, to which she'll hold the key. The desire for sex without conception has been a source of trouble (dilemma?) for most of human existence, until modern contraception. The dangers of childbirth pre modern medicine were huge and the risk of yet another child a constant worry. Maybe same sex relationships were one solution, another would have been to have two wives- one young &fertile , the other post menopausal. I think that the penis is the biggest evidence for evolution, but I can only speak for myself.
Some young Christians read Pauls claim that he was content without a sexual relationship and think he had power from god to help him, but actually Paul was probably over 45 and suffering a natural drop in the steroid hormone Testosterone. As David Mills points out, without Testosterone people just aren't interested in sex. Some old people seem of forget, lose the thoughts that would let them relate to the lusts of youth. See Wikipedia page "because steroid hormones are so ubiquitous this suggests they have an ancient evolutionary history". Genesis hypothesis of difficulty in childbirth is disproved, reality- shift to walking upright compromised pelvis for ease of birthing.
January 17, 2011 - 03:08 PM
Easyflight Captian Biggles

Christians and Atheists actually agree that an energy existed eternally. Does this energy have a consciousness? Christians say it is like Hitler, scary, confusing, threatening, unpredictable, killing for no reason.But perhaps benign to servile worshippers. Atheists say it is unlikely a caring energy would let us live so long in ignorance and suffering. Scientific advance has been driven by desperate need to improve living conditions and just the desire to make a living. So science should be enthroned as King of this world and those who swear allegiance are the Knights round the table who can go into all the world educating about scientific understanding & the whole history of religions & how the Bible falls apart when held up to the light of science & reason. Atheist have the words of everlasting mortal happiness- there is no supernatural to worry about. R Dawkins and K Humphreys can be Archbishops of ethical atheism. If you had defined being ethical, loving, caring as 'christianity' then ethical Atheism is the New Christianity. I beg your pardon Richard & Ken for the comparison. Actually I think atheism was always more ethical than christianity, after all they never made threats of eternal torture, neither did Judaism which was earthly punishment(they hold either you cease to exist or your flaws are burned away as you enter heaven, refined like gold) or Hinduism (threat of becoming a mouse) or Buddism.
January 17, 2011 - 02:43 PM
Easyflight Captain Courageous

A good Millennium to you, thank you for joining us on board this flight into 21st century reality. I apologize to any Christians who may be flying with us today, as you may experience some turbulence as I take us through an outside loop in order to run the following proposition past you. Hold onto your seats and remember that evil spirits are fictional. However pop myth generally holds that they habitually lie and aim to deceive. So if they tell you something, you should be suspicious of it. Well, strange then that demons are prime advocates of the view the Jesus is,"The Holy One of God";luke4v34,"Jesus the Son of the Most High God";luke8v28&luke4v41. Well consider this scenario; Jesus is Satan incarnate. Satan is the pretender to the throne of Heaven and deceiver of the world. Satan/Jesus gets his colleagues to proclaim him Son of God to deceive people. This fits because Satan is into murder and would probably get a psychopathic kick from being crucified. It is also Satanic to threaten people with eternal concentration camp. Also the vain healing illusions V the failure to tell the world any of the medical knowledge we now enjoy e.g germ theory. Also that he deceived us about the structure of the universe. Also misanthropic philosophies & all the unethical things religion has done as listed by JNE coupled by the inability of so many to see the obvious Bible errors. Does this mean Satan is a reality? Well if you say Satan is a pseudonym for FALSE(ignorance) and God is a pseudonym for TRUTH(knowledge) then you might say Jesus was ignorance incarnate but I would say that Jesus is a mythic representation of the struggle between true and false. Science fact is vapourising Satan. see AntiCitizenX 'psychology of belief'on Youtube
January 16, 2011 - 06:18 PM

Luke 4v25,"The heaven was shut up for 3.5 years" and so there was no rain (n.b. Good News version changed heaven to sky)Where has all the water in space gone? Where did the doors in the sky go?
I'd read and believed that Yuri Gagarin said "I don't see any God up here" but I just read on Wikipedia that he never did. It was Khruschev who said,"Gagarin flew into space but didn't see and Got there". Funny how myths start.
January 16, 2011 - 05:53 PM
Textom quote

Mark 1v10, "as Jesus was coming up out of the water, he saw heaven being torn open." Obviously heaven can't be at the edge of the universe or the light would take forever to arrive at Jesus eye.Even the sky being torn open is nonsense.{he imagined it?} The Bible is a fictional fantasy. On rationalresponders site Textom writes, "The idea of god living in the sky is a Greek idea. Greeks gave up on the idea that the gods lived on Mt Olympus & instead pushed him back to the sky. In N.T. whenever 'Jesus' refers to Heaven that is a translation of the word ouranous that actually means sky. It was synonymous with the throne of god." Modern Christians are just doing the same thing as primitive people, pushing god back from sky to edge of the universe in an attempt to preserve their religion. This is how old religions mutate & warp and new ones emerge.
January 14, 2011 - 05:59 PM
Common Sense

In Matthew 16v22 Peter says,"Never Lord, this shall never happen to you". The caring response Jesus should have made was,"Peter, I appreciate your care & concern for my well being", continuing in his oft insane way," You don't understand that god won't be motivated to save anyone unless I get murdered". Instead Jesus says to Peter,"Get behind me Satan". Here Jesus is saying that Satan speaks the words of care and consideration. No wonder people get confused by church. Common sense wants to say the passage is muddled & puts good for evil (elsewhere in the bible it says not to do this) but the minister is telling you Jesus is right. The bible is a list of failed hypothesis just like all the derelict medical practices. Jesus had much in common with a witch doctor of the ilk of darkest Africa, a shaman. As Ken says, 'Christianity has been a disaster for the world'. Christianity supports all the other superstitions. Can you believe in the bible god without believing in the devil too? Maybe it is the devil who sits at Gods right hand? Certainly does on the pages of the Bible. I believe neither exists
January 14, 2011 - 05:16 PM
Lovers contemplation

If christians claim god is so vast as to have formed this universe then how come he couldn't protect humans from the devil? The chances of Satan falling from the edge of this universe 13,000 million light years away onto this tiny planet are much less than winning the Euromillions jackpot. 'Fall' would not be the appropriate word. How come God didn't zip faster than satan and protect adam and eve, put a fence round the tree or shout "stop right there". He managed to close the door after the horse bolted by putting angels to stop A&E re-entry. An almighty would have just terminated this universe as soon as satan fell (doing mc2=E) and restart. Or delete earth and use another planet. Even if God did save anyone by Jesus, why didn't he return 100AD as promised? To delay and thereby let millions go to hell is a worse crime/atrocity than Hitler did. A loving god would not have let any human go to hell. A good loving god would have created people who couldn't help but love him, like a fish to water, if they saw and knew him they would chose him. The Freewill argument is a dumb attempt to excuse gods injustice. The Bible describes an incompetent, neglectful, irresponsible god. In any case Genesis 3v22 says people didn't eat of eternal life, so since they don't exist forever they can't suffer after death.
January 14, 2011 - 04:56 PM
Lover of your life

Jesus threats of eternal torture in hell were words of a nasty bully. In John 8v48 the Rabbi accused Jesus of speaking words of a demon. I believe that demons do not exist, but if you create a category in which you place bad ideas and actions and label it 'demonic' then Jesus ideas of eternal torture were demonic-i.e nasty, threatening, mentally abusive. This is especially so since god said he forechose and foreknew who would be saved. There was no need or advantage for the stick of hell. Jesus could just have said that unbelievers cease to exist but that the carrot of happily everafter exists for believers. Jesus could have said "Osiris myth is rubbish, I have ended hell, everyone is going to heaven". The Bible is the main reason people don't believe. The Bible says that God is bad and mad but I refuse to believe it.
January 14, 2011 - 04:30 PM
The devils advocate

Allegedly, christ came to try to exocise demons, but I am here to exonerate them. Demons are not guilty of the crimes they have been accused of. They have never caused human illness. They have never caused 1- epileptic fits-those are caused by electrical malfunctions from the brain. 2-fevers- those are caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites.3-depression-that is caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters such as the happiness hormone serotonine which can influence trains of thought- result in going over the same sore point (superstitious people call this unforgiveness) 4- they do not cause deafness or dumbness or blindness or death. Ask a doctor for a full explanation, bet she doesn't have demon possession as a category on her form!Another chief alibi I will use in my demons defence is that they were not even at the scene of the crimes. In fact I plead that they do not exist anywhere.Furthermore I charge christ with causing untold needless worry & fear leading to mental illness by frightening people with abominable threats of eternal torture and harm by my clients who couldn't hurt a fly or break off a bent reed or snuff out a candle. Yes christ is the guilty one [not unless you claim that a (non holy) ghost writer put those nasty threats into his mouth]. Your honour, I contend my clients are as innocent as a lamb. I Rest In Peace, my case
January 10, 2011 - 03:20 PM

Actually I've worked out why Jesus said, "love your enemies": it is because he knew deep down that he had lost his way in a delusion and was advising his followers to seek help from an atheist who would restore them to normality. Listen to an atheist and you will find a friend indeed. Jesus life just demonstrates where his teachings will lead- ruining your life for nothing.

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